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At Durham Dental Implant Solutions, we are an exclusive dental implant provider. Its all we do, and we do it well. When you choose to receive dental implants, you are making an investment in your smile by restoring your ability to eat, speak and smile confidently. When you suffer from missing teeth, your quality of life can drastically fall, and the longer you live without teeth, the more your smile and overall health becomes affected. In order to restore your lifestyle and health, dental implants provide the most long-term and beneficial solution. So, if you are already choosing to invest in the many benefits of dental implants, choosing the right practice for you is a must.

Durham Dental Implant Solutions is a multi-dentist dental implant practice with the primary focus being on placing and restoring single, multiple and full arch dental implants. In many cases, we can actually extract flawed teeth, place dental implants and restore them with a temporary dental crown in just one appointment! This technology and skill allows us to give our patients the very best in care all under one roof, so you won’t have to travel to other practices, see dentists you don’t know, or wait to have a complete smile. Our dentists teach at the Toronto Implant Academy and are even the President and Founder of the Canadian Implant Dentistry Network, one of Canada’s largest online study clubs. Combining our dental implant knowledge with our dentists passion for implantology and changing lives, leads to an improved overall experience for our patients.

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Durham Dental Implant Solutions

  • Over 30 years of dental implant experience
  • Modern dental technology
  • Dental implant focus
  • Same-day teeth
  • Soothing sedation options
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Experience Teeth in a Day®

One of the biggest advantages for our patients our ability to provide a full arch restoration with dental implants using the Teeth in a Day® process. Through this unique procedure, our dentists are able to extract problem or failing teeth, place four to six dental implants within the jaw bone and fit you with a full arch temporary prosthesis. Once your jaw has healed, the temporary prosthesis will be removed and your permanent fixed bridge will be placed. This allows you to use your entire mouth as normal without the fear or embarrassment of missing teeth or uncomfortable dentures. With proper care of your dental implants, oral health and gums, you can expect your Teeth in a Day restoration to last you for many years.

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Every Patient Has A Story

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No more patchwork. I can eat what I want thanks to my dental implants.
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My bridge was replaced by dental implants, a more permanent and comfortable solution!
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