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Dentistry has come a long way as technology, treatments and education becomes more and more advanced. With how common dental implants have become, dental technology has progressed to keep up with the demand. At Durham Dental Solutions, we have invested in dental technology to give our patients the comfort and results they deserve. Our technology allows you to receive care with more precision, in a timely manner, and with a greater healing timeframe than ever before.

Dr. Sheri Margolian explains how technology improves patient’s experience and outcomes.

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Our CBCT scanner captures a highly-detailed 3D Xray of your mouth and jaw to show our doctors current bone volume, location of nerves and position of tooth roots. We use these images to create dental implant guides and plan your implant surgery.

This dental technology allows us to digitally construct your new teeth before treatment even begins. Patients are able to see what their smile will look like with their dental implants superimposed over pictures of their face thanks to Digital Smile Design.

The days of goopy impression materials are now gone. With our iTero 3D oral scanner, our team captures a digital impression of your teeth and bite. The digital process is less invasive and much more accurate than traditional impressions.

Used often during bone grafting or tooth extraction surgery, PIEZOSRUGERY is an dental technology that utilizes ultrasonic vibrations to gently cut through bone. We prefer this technology because it does not harm soft tissues, only cutting through bone.

Using samples of your own blood and plasma, we are able to create a material that improves your bodies healing rate. When placed over site of surgery, your body can heal quicker and typically with better results.

With our E4D crown milling machine, we are able to craft custom-made dental crowns in-office during the same time as your appointment. This cuts down on the number of appointments you may need and gets you back to living your lifestyle with a restored smile.

Implants restored my smile after a hockey accident.
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dental technology makes your dental implant surgeries simpler.