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Welcome to the Canadian Implant Dentistry Network

Dr. Mark Bishara and Dr. Sheri Margolian not only place dental implants but also teach all aspects of dental implant procedures to other dentists internationally. They are the founders of the Canadian Implant Dentistry Network (CIDN), Canada’s largest online community for dental implants with over 11 thousand members.  Dr. Mark Bishara and Dr. Sheri Margolian believe in sharing their knowledge with other dentists throughout Canada and beyond.

Dr. Mark Bishara shares his passion for continued learning and teaching through his roles as  president of the Canadian Implant dentistry Network and as the Canadian Ambassador of the International Digital Dental Academy. He has held numerous courses with a particular focus on teaching full arch (teeth in a day) courses to other dentists, denturists and lab technicians. He is also involved in the Toronto Implant Academy (TIA) as a lecturer and implant product review editor of the Spectrum Implants journal, the only peer reviewed implant journal in Canada.

Dr. Sheri Margolian also loves sharing and mentoring dentists on their implant journey. She is a regular contributor to the organization’s online network and provides one on one mentorship in both courses and clinical settings. She has a particular passion for digital dentistry and using the advanced technology available to streamline the implant treatment workflow from planning and surgery to the final restoration in the least invasive and most accurate way possible.


Durham Dental Implant Solutions

Past Events

Ontario Dental Association Emerging Speaker Showcase Dr. Mark Bishara May 2019

Soft Tissue Grafting around teeth and dental implants Nov 2019

Biological Bone Augmentation Sept 2019

Dental Implant MBA 2.0 Mastering the Emergence Profile Sept 2019

Management of the esthetic zone August 2019

Mastering Removable and Fixed April 2019

Mastering Horizontal and Vertical GBR March 2019

Critical Soft Tissue Techniques Oct 2018

Digital Dentistry Mastership program April 2018, Sept 2018

Durham Dental Implant Solutions

Upcoming Events

Full arch treatment options March 2020

Biological Bone Augmentation June 2020

Advanced Platelet Rich Fibrin (PRF) Therapy June 2020

Bone Augmentation Techniques April 2020

Partial Extraction Therapy Techniques Oct 2020