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Seeing is Believing

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See Your Results Before Treatment Even Begins

We understand that choosing to have dental implants replace missing or failing teeth is a big decision for most patients. After talking with our implant doctors during a complimentary consultation, you may want a better understanding of what dental implants will look like within your smile. At Durham Dental Solutions, we have invested in Digital Smile Design dental technology to help patients further understand the effects dental implants will have on their smile. Digital Smile Design allows us to show patients just what their new smile will look like after their dental implant surgery is complete. Seeing truly is believing, and most patients who saw what their results would look like thanks to Digital Smile Design, were able to confidently make the decision to continue with dental implant treatment.

Dr Sheri Margolian explains how Digital Smile Design technology can show you your perfect smile

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Why Choose Digital Smile Design

  • Visualize your results
  • Non-invasive treatment
  • Provide feedback on your smile
  • Customize the look of your teeth
  • Feel confident in your decision
Dr Sheri Margolian talking to patient about digital smile design and implants Durham Dental Solutions

Feel Confident in Your Decision

When you are able to actually see what your results will look like before committing to treatment, you can make a more informed and realistic decision. When patients see their smile with an overlay of natural-looking, healthy and beautiful teeth, the reality of how their appearance can be improved is enough to help them over the final decision-making hurdle. Digital Smile Design utilizes extraoral and intraoral digital photography as well as 3D models of your mouth to create a digital representation on what your smile will look like after treatment. We take these digital images and overlay them on a picture of yourself, blending the images together to reflect how you will appear when you smile after treatment. We can use Digital Smile Design for everything from single dental implants to full arch dental implant restorations to help you visualize your treatment plans.

I’m no longer conscious of hiding my teeth since my full arch dental implant procedure.
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Dr Sheri Margolian Durham Dental Solutions

Want to visualize your new smile before beginning treatment? Ask us about Digital Smile Design!