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How Much Do Dental Implants Cost?

When choosing dental implants, you are making an investment in your oral and overall health. Dental implants not only restore function and aesthetics to your mouth, but they also can improve your oral health and overall self-confidence. While these benefits are priceless to many patients, a common question is on the overall dental implant cost. Each dental implant case is unique to every patient—no two procedures will ever be exactly the same. This means that the overall dental implant cost will change depending on your unique needs. We believe in open communication and honesty, and will only recommend treatment plans and procedures you actually need to achieve your smile goals.

Dr. Sheri Margolian talks about things to consider when researching the cost of dental implants.

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Reaching Your Goals is Our Priority

Receiving dental implants is a positive experience for many people, whether it is just replacing one missing tooth or an entire arch of teeth. Patients who receive dental implants can feel more confident and comfortable in everyday activities and interactions, regardless of their dental implant cost. At Durham Dental Solutions, we are able to restore your dental implants to make them appear natural and beautiful within your smile. We are dedicated to making sure you are pleased with your results and will love your new smile!

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Meet Our Doctors and Discover Your Oral Needs

The first step towards your new smile is a complimentary meeting with our doctors. During this consultation, we will be able to identify all the areas of concern when it comes to your new dental implants and how they will affect the dental implant cost. It is important to address all problems before treatment begins to ensure successful implant placement and longevity. When properly cared for, your dental implants can last you for many years!

Financing Options

We acknowledge that the cost of dentistry can sometimes be overwhelming. Still, there are financing options available to turn your dental bills into affordable payments. For more information, see our affordability options.

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Factors That Determine Implant Cost

Every Patient Has A Story

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No more patchwork. I can eat what I want thanks to my dental implants.
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My bridge was replaced by dental implants, a more permanent and comfortable solution!
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Your Dental Implant Solution is Here. Discover your dental implant cost when you meet with our team!