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Do Your Dentures Feel Uncomfortable?

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Loose Dentures are an All Too Common Concern

As common as dentures are for those missing teeth, most patients can become frustrated with their lack of security within the mouth. Imagine talking to a friend or family member, even a stranger, and suddenly your teeth fall out! While this is a scenario everyone would want to avoid, the truth is, it is more common than many people realize.

Dentures can become loose for many reasons, but the most common are resorption of the jaw bone and normal wear from everyday use. If it has been some time since the dentures were first received, then the natural resorption process of the jaw bone due to missing teeth will cause the dentures to no longer fit snugly along the gumline. Loose dentures may slip and click during daily activities such as eating, talking, and laughing. Oftentimes, dentures that do not fit correctly can cause mouth sores and discomfort when eating. Dentures must be adjusted or replaced relatively frequently to accommodate these changes in the jaw bone, which can become costly over time.

Modern dentistry provides a few alternatives for loose dentures, the most advantageous being implant supported dentures. This option combines dental implants with the aesthetic advantages of traditional dentures. Implant supported dentures both stabilize the denture appliance and preserve the integrity of the jaw bone, providing long-term support and function.

Dr. Mark Bishara talks about avoid messy adhesives and securing dentures with implants.

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Combining Modern Implants with Beautiful Dentures

Implant supported dentures rely on dental implants for stability and no longer need to rest on the gums to remain in place. The advantages of this structure are two-fold: no more gum irritation or need for messy pastes and preservation of the jaw bone from the dental implants. Implant supported dentures also improve facial aesthetics by filling out the cheeks and lips with a full set of straight, white replacement teeth. With improved stability from dental implants, natural biting and chewing power is restored, allowing for a wider dietary range and better oral and overall health. As a whole, implant supported dentures provide long-term physical and psychological advantages that greatly exceed that of traditional dentures. Are loose dentures driving you to find an alternative? Implant supported dentures could be your answer!

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Advantages of Implant Supported Dentures

I’m smiling again with my implant supported dentures – that’s the best gift of all!
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