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Dental implants have the potential to dramatically change your life. If you have missing or severely decayed teeth, you may experience difficulty eating comfortably and speaking naturally. Their appearance may also make you reluctant to smile and cause you to avoid social situations. Dental implants can change that. They’re one of the most requested missing teeth replacement options available today, due in part to their lifelike appearance and their durability.

Here at Durham Dental Solutions, our team has the knowledge, skills, and technology to provide a variety of dental implant solutions—just as our name suggests! As full-scope dental implant we offer traditional titanium-based dental implants both individually and in full arch solutions. In addition, we offer a biologic alternative in the form of ceramic dental implants. These have specific benefits that may make them a better choice for certain patients seeking missing teeth replacement.

How Ceramic Dental Implants Are Different

While many people do just fine with titanium dental implants, some patients have sensitivities or other concerns that make ceramic dental implants the preferable option for them. Ceramic dental implants are made from biocompatible zirconia, which means they integrate into the jaw bone just like a natural part of the body. As a counterexample, think of a splinter in your finger; your body recognizes that this is not natural and tries to reject it. Biocompatible materials like zirconia do not cause this reaction. If you have metal allergies you may also prefer to go with ceramic dental implants. In terms of aesthetics, many with thinning gums prefer ceramic dental implants as they are close in color to your actual tooth, so no metal will be visible between the crown and your gums.

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