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Smile Makeover


We are excited to share some photos of our satisfied patients’ beautiful new smiles. These images highlight treatments in our office, including dental implantscrowns, bridges and more. We invite you to browse through this section as well as visit our success stories section for patient experience videos.


Brenda had been suffering with worn and broken teeth for many years. Porcelain crowns were used to restore her teeth to the ideal shape and size. Brenda was able to have full control over the look and feel of her new teeth by having complimentary trial versions of the new teeth to wear for several weeks before moving to the final set. This ensures complete satisfaction with her new smile!


Dental Implant Patient


Venessa was missing her permanent teeth and had suffered with removable dentures for many years. Venessa had dental implants supporting porcelain crowns to replace her missing teeth. The crowns are custom designed and colour matched in our on-site dental laboratory to blend in perfectly with the surrounding teeth.


dental implant patient


Hannah had an infected and malposition front tooth that required removal. She wanted a permanent option that would improve her aesthetics and blend naturally with the other teeth. A custom designed and colour matched porcelain bridge work was used to permanently replace the tooth. Hannah is smiling bright again!


permanent dental implants Patient


Samantha had been wearing a removable upper partial denture for over twenty years and wanted to move into a permanent replacement option. She also wanted to improve the appearance of her heavily filled front teeth. Crown & Bridge work combined with dental implants were used to restore her smile. She only wishes she had done it sooner!


dental implant Patient


John came to us with chipping and failing bridge work on his upper teeth and missing several back teeth. New porcelain bridges along with permanent dental implants in the back were used to completely rehabilitate his upper jaw. John is extremely pleased with his results and is back to enjoying all his favourite foods again.


Bridge work & dental implant Patient


David came to us with a collapsed uneven bite along with several missing and broken teeth. His upper teeth were fully reconstructed using porcelain crowns and permanent dental implants. He was able to test drive his new smile through complimentary temporary trials to ensure he has the most comfortable and aesthetic end-result.


crown & dental implant patient


Jennifer lost her lower front tooth due to a dental infection. After bone and gum reconstruction the tooth was replaced with a dental implant supporting a custom matched porcelain crown. Jennifer is extremely happy to be free of her bulky removable tooth replacement and is enjoying her new permanent front tooth!


Dental Implant Patient


Beverly was missing several back teeth and was unhappy with the appearance of her front teeth. Porcelain crowns and veneers were used to improve the appearance of her heavily filled front teeth along with permanent dental implants to replace her missing back teeth. Beverly is smiling with confidence again and enjoying all her favourite foods.


Crown/veneer & dental implant Patient


Emily was congenitally missing her adult front tooth and wanted a permanent replacement. A dental implant with a custom matched porcelain was used to restore her smile.


Dental implant Patient

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