Understanding the Dental Implant Process Timeline

Are you considering dental implants to replace missing teeth in Whitby? If so, you are probably interested in the process and how long treatment might take to complete.

Dental implants are not the fastest treatment, but your patience will be rewarded with strong, stable dental implant teeth in Ajax. Every dental implant at Durham Dental Solutions is carefully made to look and feel as close to your natural teeth as possible.

An Overview of the Process Timeline to Plan and Place Dental Implants

Several steps are involved in planning and placing your new teeth. These steps will vary depending on your unique oral health needs.

Initial Consultation

Your journey begins with an initial consultation with our experienced dental implant dentist. We must evaluate your dental and general health and discuss your aims and expectations for implant treatment in Pickering.


Digital dental x-rays, a cone beam CT scan, possibly digital photos, and a digital dental impression enable us to examine your oral health in more detail.

These images show if your jawbone is healthy and how much jawbone is available for dental implants. We can improve your bone levels with a bone grafting procedure if there is insufficient bone.

We also look at any existing teeth to check they are healthy. Any problems like gum disease or tooth decay in Brooklin must be addressed first. Any natural teeth that are failing are assessed to see if we can save them or if they must be extracted.

Treatment Plan

Your dental implant treatment plan is based on your diagnostic tests. By this stage, we know how many implants are needed and if you require other procedures like bone grafting in Oshawa. All these must be factored into your treatment plan.

Discussing Your Treatment Plan

Your treatment plan details which implant procedure we feel best suits your needs. Sometimes, there is a choice of implant materials. If so, we can discuss these in detail, including the costs. We discuss whether your implant will be restored soon after surgery and if temporary teeth are needed.

We can also discuss if you want sedation dentistry in Newcastle. It can be a nice option if you require multiple dental implants.

By the end of this appointment, you should have a good idea of what’s required and the estimated timeline.

Planning Your Implant Surgery

All implant planning is done behind the scenes, and we insert every implant using computer-guided surgery. This plan is designed to ensure a smooth and more comfortable experience on the day.

Implant Insertion

Our dental implant team is highly experienced and will ensure you feel as relaxed as possible on the day. Implant surgery doesn’t take very long. If you need a single dental implant in Courtice, it can take an hour or less to complete.

Once your implant is inserted, it needs time to heal and fuse with the surrounding jawbone. We may cover the implant and leave it to heal or fit a temporary implant restoration. If your missing tooth is visible in your mouth, there is no need to worry that we will leave you with a gap.


It takes between two and six months for implants to heal fully. During this time, we will give you instructions on caring for your implant site and which foods to eat.

Final Implant Restorations

When your implant is fully healed, you return to our dental office so we can make and fit your final implant restorations and complete your treatment.

Although several steps are involved, much of the work is done behind the scenes. Discover more by scheduling your initial consultation.

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