Learn How We Design Dental Implant Teeth

Dental implants in Ajax can replace missing teeth with restorations that look and feel natural. However, during the design process, we must consider several different factors. Your oral health needs are unique. Therefore, your treatment needs careful planning to ensure your dental implant restorations have excellent functionality and aesthetics.

Below are some of the factors we look at.

Jawbone Quality

The quality and quantity of your jawbone is extremely important, and that is why we take a cone beam CT scan in Clarington to plan your treatment accurately. The scan lets us see if you have enough bone to place dental implants securely. It also allows us to see if you may need a bone graft.

Implant Location

After examining your CT scan, we can pinpoint where best to insert each implant. Location is extremely important as we must avoid certain structures in your jawbone, like any nerves or blood vessels. We must also ensure the implants provide optimal support for your new dental implant teeth in Oshawa. When multiple implants are needed, we also determine how many are required.

Implant Components

Various implant systems are available, and choosing the right system, component type, and size is important. For example, most dental implants are made from titanium alloy, but we can also provide zirconia dental implants.

Zirconia or ceramic dental implants in Bowmanville can be preferable in certain circumstances, for example, for anyone with severe metal allergies or a strong preference for entirely metal-free restorations. Implant components to replace a front tooth will be smaller than those used to replace large back teeth.

Restoration Materials and Type

The type of restoration must be considered carefully. While single dental implants are restored with a dental implant crown in Whitby, multiple missing teeth can be restored with an implant bridge or implant denture.

Dental implant crowns and bridges can be made from the latest ceramic materials. We can fabricate implant dentures in Brooklin using high-quality denture teeth supported by acrylic gum-coloured tissue.

When you visit Durham Dental Solutions for implant teeth, we can explain all these options in more detail, discuss the pricing and show you what to expect.

Functionality Considerations

It’s crucial to ensure your new implant teeth will function properly. Correctly functioning teeth enable you to bite and chew food thoroughly without pain or discomfort. We digitally plan your treatment to visualize how your new teeth will work once restored, ensuring optimal functionality without impacting aesthetics.

Aesthetic Considerations

We realize you want teeth that look like your own, and we work hard to achieve this. Your smile is unique, and we consider numerous factors when planning the shape, size and colour of your implant teeth. If you have natural teeth remaining, we ensure your implant teeth will blend in beautifully.

All Restorations Are Made in Our Dental Laboratory

Durham Dental Solutions has a fully equipped dental lab, so our implant dentists can work closely with our skilled lab technicians. The dental lab has the latest technologies to provide precise and beautiful restorations. It’s an approach that enables us to give our patients high-quality teeth made using the most appropriate materials. We can ensure strict quality controls are maintained because we know exactly how each restoration has been fabricated.

Discover If Dental Implants Are Right for You

If you are facing tooth loss or missing teeth, schedule an appointment to come and see us. We can discuss treatment further to help you determine if dental implants are the right solution and, if so, which treatment is most appropriate.

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