The image shows a close-up of a smiling person's lower face, highlighting their teeth. A finger is pointing to one of the teeth, and there is an inset graphic of a dental implant next to the area being pointed at.

Too Nervous for Implant Surgery? Here is How to Overcome Your Fears

Dental implants in Ajax are an amazing and long-lasting solution for tooth loss, but they require a short surgical procedure to insert them into the jawbone. We are incredibly gentle at Durham Dental Solutions, ensuring our patients’ experience is as comfortable and pain-free as possible.

However, we understand that some people feel nervous or anxious, sometimes even just at the thought of seeing a dentist in Whitby. These feelings can prevent people from getting the care they need and deserve.

If anxiety or dental fears are preventing you from seeing a dentist, yet you would love to have dental implants in Pickering, then we can help you. Our team is dedicated to providing compassionate, caring dentistry in a way that feels comfortable for even the most nervous patient.

Read on to discover how we can help you conquer your dental fears and receive dental care comfortably.

Schedule Your Visit When You Feel Less Stressed

Let us know how you feel when you make an appointment to see one of our friendly dentists. If we know you have concerns, we can take additional time to talk them through so we can understand better how you feel and if any aspects of treatment make you particularly nervous.

Understanding you better will allow us to provide treatment more comfortably, adapting procedures to your needs. During treatment, we always check on patients frequently, and we can provide you with a simple hand signal, such as just raising your hand to tell us you need a break, even if it’s just a checkup.

Use Relaxation Techniques 

When booking a dental appointment, try to choose a time when you are less rushed or worried about work or other commitments so your stress levels are lower.

Some people find that using simple meditation or relaxation techniques, such as practising breathing, can help reduce anxiety and nervousness. Concentrating on your breathing to help ensure it is slow and regular can help lower stress levels.

Consider Sedation Dentistry

Modern sedation dentistry in Oshawa can be an excellent solution for dental anxiety. The level of sedation can be adjusted to meet your needs, ranging from mild to moderate sedation or deeper sedation when needed. Options can include the following.

Nitrous Oxide

Better known as laughing gas, Nitrous oxide takes effect very quickly as you inhale the gas through a small, comfortable nose mask. Once it takes effect you feel more relaxed, and it can induce feelings of mild euphoria. You breathe in the gas during your treatment, and once it is complete, we may supply pure oxygen to help eliminate the gas from your system more quickly.

Laughing gas is very mild so that you can drive yourself home afterward.

Oral Sedation

With oral sedation in Brooklin, you take a pill shortly before your appointment. The pill will make you feel sleepy and very relaxed. An added benefit is that it contains an amnesiac, so after your treatment is complete, you will most likely remember nothing or very little about it. You will need someone with you to take you home afterwards.

IV Sedation

An experienced dental anesthesiologist administers intravenous sedation in Clarington, and treatment is perfect if you require more complex dental implant surgery or other longer procedures to help restore dental health. You will feel deeply relaxed and may fall asleep during treatment, but we can easily awaken you if needed.

If you suffer from dental fears and anxieties in Courtice, we can help once you let us know how you feel. We can tailor your treatment so you receive it in a way that feels comfortable and non-threatening, and you can use sedation dentistry when needed.

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