Dental technician placing the fixed partial denture, dental bridge on the screw implants, close-up.

How Does Tooth Loss Affect Your Appearance and Oral Health?

If you lose teeth, their loss may be visible when you talk or smile, but losing teeth in Courtice can impact your facial appearance in ways you may not have considered. Missing teeth can affect your facial structure and cause jawbone loss. Eating and speaking without teeth is harder and can impact self-confidence levels.

Read on to discover how missing teeth affect your facial structure and how best to replace them.

Every Tooth Matters

Each tooth helps to support its neighbour and your jawbone. Although teeth are individual, they are designed to function together. Except for wisdom teeth, it is always important to consider how to restore missing or failing teeth in Ajax, preferably before they are extracted or soon after their loss.

The Impact on Facial Appearance

Your teeth support the muscles in your lips and cheeks, ensuring your facial features are nicely filled out. They also protect your facial dimensions, the height between your upper and lower jaws. Without the support, your facial features can collapse inwards, an effect that can be seen in someone wearing full dentures in Pickering and who removes them. It can be prematurely ageing.

The Effect on Your Jawbone

Teeth are extremely important in protecting your jawbone. Every time you chew food, the pressure travels into your tooth roots and the surrounding bone. It stimulates the bone, ensuring that when old bone cells die, they are replaced.

When you lose teeth, this stimulation is lost, and jawbone resorption occurs. Jawbone resorption destabilizes remaining natural teeth, makeing it harder to wear dentures comfortably. Full dentures in Oshawa rely on the bony ridge that originally supported your teeth to hold them in place. The ridge provides retention and suction, but as jawbone loss occurs, it gradually diminishes, becoming narrower and flatter.

The Effect on Your Jaw Joints

Some people may imagine that losing back teeth doesn’t matter if they cannot be seen, but this can place unwanted pressure on your jaw joints. These joints, called temporomandibular joints, attach your lower jaw to your skull and allow you to move your jaw comfortably. Without teeth to maintain the correct dimensions, your jaw joints can come under additional pressure and may start to feel painful and inflamed.

Restoring Your Appearance and Oral Health after Tooth Loss

You might have noticed some of these consequences if you have already lost multiple teeth. Various treatments can restore missing teeth, but we frequently recommend dental implants in Newcastle.

Why Choose Dental Implants?

Dental implants in Clarington can provide several important advantages outlined below.

Artificially Replacing Real Tooth Roots

They are designed to act like a natural tooth root, meaning they help preserve and protect the surrounding bone once in your jawbone. Dental implants help prevent jawbone loss.

Restoring Facial Dimensions

Dental implant teeth are custom-made to restore the proper facial dimensions, maintaining the correct space between your upper and lower jaws. They also provide excellent support for the muscles in your cheeks and lips.

A Long-Term Option

Dental implants are designed to be strong and long-lasting. Every implant treatment provided at Durham Dental Solutions is planned and placed using computer-guided surgery, ensuring excellent treatment outcomes. Provided you care for your dental implants properly, there is a good chance they should last for many years. Some people will have them for life.

Most people are suitable for implants, and they can be great for older people who may currently struggle with full dentures. If you are considering this option, make an appointment to see our experienced dental implant dentist in Brooklin to learn more about all the available treatment options and how they may help you.

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