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5 Benefits of Dental Implants

If you are missing one or more teeth in Ajax, please don’t ignore this problem. Replacing missing teeth as soon as possible is important, and dental implants are frequently regarded as the gold standard.

Below are five benefits of choosing dental implants in Whitby.

  1. Excellent Aesthetics

Dental implant teeth in Pickering can provide excellent aesthetics. Single dental implants are particularly good because they are restored with an implant crown that looks and feels just like a real tooth. It can even be cleaned exactly like a natural tooth, so it’s unlikely that anyone would realize it wasn’t your own. We custom design every implant tooth at Durham Dental Solutions to create natural-looking results.

  1. Stimulating Your Jawbone

A dental implant in Oshawa replaces a natural tooth artificially. A small implant screw is inserted into your jawbone and is made from titanium or zirconia. Both these materials are highly biocompatible and integrate well with your jawbone, providing excellent and strong support for the new implant restoration.

Because the implant acts like a natural tooth root, it helps stimulate the surrounding bone, just like a real tooth. Every time you bite down, the sensations pass through the implant post and into the surrounding bone so your body knows to continue renewing old bone cells as they die.

Dental implants in Newcastle are the only tooth loss solution that provides this important benefit. They help maintain a strong and healthy jawbone around them.

  1. Good Functionality

Eating and speaking without teeth can be tricky, especially if more than one is missing. Dental implants provide good functionality, and every treatment is designed and placed using computer-guided implant surgery in Clarington. Dental implant teeth remain securely in place and cannot move or slip around in the mouth.

When planning your implants, we ensure they will look good once restored and allow you to bite and chew food comfortably and effectively. If you have implant crowns and bridges, these will provide a similar biting strength to natural teeth. Opting for an implant denture in Brooklin will provide far greater biting strength than an ordinary denture that merely rests on your gums.

  1. Enjoy the Foods You Love

After tooth loss, many people find it difficult to eat certain foods because they cannot chew them properly. There are no such concerns with implant teeth. A good biting and chewing strength makes it easy to enjoy your favourite foods. It also makes maintaining a good, balanced, nutritious diet easier, protecting your general health.

  1. A Long-Term Solution for Tooth Loss

Dental implants can provide a long-term solution for tooth loss and are designed to last for many years and we hope for life with the right after-care.

Interested in Learning More?

Visit Durham Dental Solutions for a consultation with one of our experienced implant dentists. Treatment is versatile and includes fixed options like implant crowns and bridges and removable implant dentures. An implant denture clips onto implants inserted into your jaw, so once you keep it in place, it cannot move. However, it is easy to take out for regular cleaning.

Most people can have dental implants, and age isn’t a barrier. We are more concerned that you have good dental and medical health so that once the implants are inserted in your jaw, they can heal smoothly and strongly. We can provide a wide range of different implant systems and help you select the best treatment for your needs.

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