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Dental Implants and Aging Healthily

Although losing teeth as you age isn’t inevitable, it is a common problem. Issues like gum disease, tooth infections in Courtice and trauma can all result in tooth loss. If teeth begin to fail, it is important to replace them. Restoring missing teeth, especially when you are older, can help protect dental and overall health so you can enjoy those retirement years.

Why You Need a Full Set of Healthy Teeth

Missing teeth make eating properly difficult, and nutrition can suffer. Tooth loss in Clarington can make it harder to speak and affect self-confidence. As a result, some people may find it easier to avoid social situations, becoming increasingly isolated.

How Does Good Dental Health Affect Overall Health?

When you have teeth that are strong and healthy, and your mouth is free from signs of dental disease like tooth decay and especially gum disease, it helps protect your overall health. Increasingly, poor oral health is linked to poorer overall health. Although the connections aren’t completely understood, there do seem to be links between gum disease and serious health problems like cardiovascular disease, diabetes, dementia and respiratory illnesses.

What Are the Options for Replacing Missing Teeth?

If you lose a tooth, several options are available, including dentures, fixed dental bridges and dental implants.


Most people are familiar with dentures with an acrylic gum-coloured base supporting the replacement denture teeth. There are two types: full, to replace an entire arch of teeth or partial, to replace one or more missing teeth on the same arch.

Fixed Bridges

A fixed bridge uses adjacent teeth called abutment teeth to support dental crowns, and the replacement tooth called a pontic, is attached between them. The crowns are cemented onto the abutment teeth permanently.

Dental Implants

Dental implants in Pickering are frequently recommended because they are the gold standard for replacing missing teeth. They are the only solution that artificially replaces a real tooth root. Dental implants only have a positive impact on remaining teeth.

What Is So Good about Dental Implants?

Implant teeth in Newcastle help prevent remaining natural teeth from moving out of place. They share the load created when you bite and chew food. Most importantly, a dental implant screw is inserted into the jawbone and helps to protect it. The implant screw provides stimulation to the surrounding bone, ensuring it remains strong and healthy. No other solution for tooth loss has this benefit.

Implant teeth are strong, stable and secure and will not move around. They have a biting strength similar to real teeth, and our dental implant teeth are custom-designed to look and feel natural with excellent functionality.

How Do Dentures and Fixed Bridges Compare?

Fixed bridges in Brooklin require the abutment teeth to be ground down substantially for support. Full dentures rely on support from the gum and bone underneath and can soon become loose and uncomfortable as the jawbone changes shape and resorbs. Partial dentures have clasps that fit around existing teeth, and although this creates a more stable restoration, it can place these teeth under additional stress.

Being Older Isn’t a Barrier for Dental Implant Treatment

People may think they are too old for implants, but this is far from the truth. Usually, implant treatment can be suitable for anyone with reasonable dental and overall health. Being able to have teeth that feel strong and stable and look good can provide a multitude of benefits.

All our implant treatments are custom-designed. Dental implants are planned and placed using the latest technologies, including computer-guided surgery, for increased patient comfort and better treatment outcomes.

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