Regain Your Confidence with Dental Implant Teeth

Losing teeth can be a distressing experience, as often self-confidence and self-esteem are tied to appearance. Even someone who isn’t concerned with how they look will find tooth loss can negatively impact general and dental health in Courtice, making it trickier to eat properly. The remaining teeth can shift position, impacting your bite, which can be difficult to correct later. Dental implants in Pickering are the most technologically advanced way to restore missing or failing teeth and are worth considering as a possible option.

Why Have Dental Implants?

Dental implants in Pickering are not the cheapest or quickest treatment, but they will provide you with teeth that look great and feel stable and strong, soon restoring your confidence and ability to eat comfortably. Below are some of the benefits of dental implant treatment in Ajax.

Fully Functional and Natural-looking Looking Teeth

Dental implants in Brooklin closely mimic real teeth. They have a post made from titanium or zirconia (ceramic) inserted surgically into the jawbone, replicating a real tooth root. The post provides a strong, stable foundation to support a replacement tooth specifically designed to look and feel real and natural and provide excellent functionality.


Dental implants can last many years or even a lifetime with the right aftercare. They can be a great investment in your dental health and, over time, are very cost-effective.

Preserving Your Jawbone

If you lost teeth some time ago, you are probably aware that your jawbone soon starts to resorb once your tooth roots are removed. When you have healthy teeth, the tooth roots help to ensure the bone surrounding them remains stimulated, so old bone cells are continually renewed as they start to die. Without tooth roots, this stimulation is lost, and old bone cells are no longer renewed, so your jawbone gradually loses mass and density.

Because dental implants act like artificial tooth roots, they help to prevent jawbone loss, which is enormously important. It is also important to note that much of this bone loss occurs in the first year after tooth loss, so dentists in Durham always encourage patients to have dental implants soon after they lose their natural teeth.

Improved Chewing Ability

Dental implant teeth in Bowmanville provide a biting and chewing strength similar to real teeth. Even if you choose an implant denture, the biting strength will still be considerably better than with an ordinary denture.

Speak Clearly

Tooth loss can impact speech, but with dental implants, you can enunciate words clearly and easily.

Who Can Benefit from Dental Implants?

Treatment is versatile and can benefit anyone missing single or multiple teeth with solutions to suit all situations and budgets. It is an excellent option for anyone missing a complete arch of upper or lower teeth or all their natural teeth. Available solutions include single dental implant crowns, dental implant bridges, and implant dentures.

Implant crowns and bridges are non-removable and remain permanently in the mouth unless removed by an implant dentist in Clarington. Implant dentures clip onto special attachments or a bar fitted onto the implant posts. Once clipped onto the implants, they are firm and stable and will not move around but are easily unclipped for cleaning.

If you are interested in dental implants in Newcastle, you are almost certainly suitable for treatment, but you will need a full consultation to check. When you visit Durham Dental Solutions, we can examine your mouth and discuss possible options. We also review your medical history in case any conditions could impact treatment. It is unlikely, but sometimes, medical conditions that affect the immune system may affect healing after surgery to place the implants. When properly planned and placed, the success rate of this treatment is extremely high, typically 95% or greater, and you’ll love the confidence of having teeth that look and feel attractive and strong.

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