Learn How We Make Your Implant Surgery Easier and More Comfortable

If you have been considering dental implants in Ajax, you might be concerned that the process will be complicated and uncomfortable. This is far from the case thanks to modern dentistry; dental implants are now routinely used to treat tooth loss.

Durham Dental Solutions has invested in the most up-to-date technologies because we want our patients to receive dental implant treatment in Whitby that is precise, more comfortable and which can be completed as quickly as possible while still providing an excellent treatment outcome. Below are some of the technologies that help us achieve these aims.

Cone Beam CT Scanner

A cone beam CT scan is a digital 3-D x-ray of your mouth and jaws and is essential when planning and placing dental implants. We use these images to quantify the bone available for dental implant placement in Pickering, locate nerves and other structures that must be avoided during treatment, and plan your surgery step-by-step. Once we have your treatment plan, a computer-generated surgical stent is created for use during surgery, guiding our dental implant dentist so your implant plan is replicated precisely.

Digital Dental Impressions

Do you still have unpleasant memories of having a goopy tray impression that makes you want to gag? When you visit our dental office, there are no such concerns as we take digital dental impressions in Oshawa using a tiny handheld oral scanner. This device is extremely accurate and much less invasive. We can view the impression instantly on the screen in the treatment room, ensuring it is perfect and can be used to create precision-made restorations.

Digital Smile Design

It can be hard to imagine how your new implant teeth in Newcastle might look, especially if you require multiple teeth replaced. This is where digital smile design can be invaluable. We use digital dental impressions, photographs and scans of your mouth to create images showing how your teeth are predicted to look once treatment is complete. It’s exciting to see, and it allows you to become more involved with the planning process and ensures you get the right design to meet your aims and desires.


Many people need teeth extracted or bone grafting in Clarington as part of their implant treatment. This dental technology uses ultrasonic vibrations to cut gently through bone without harming soft tissues. It is a technique that helps ensure faster and smoother healing afterwards.

Plasma Rich Growth Factors

After dental implants or a bone graft is placed, your body needs time to heal; this is a vital part of the treatment. We can use samples of your blood to create a material containing plasma-rich growth factors that can be placed over the surgery site. It helps your body heal more quickly and smoothly, providing a better treatment outcome.

In Office Milling Machine

Usually, if you need a restoration like a dental crown, then it takes several visits and a couple of weeks to fabricate. However, we can use our E4D milling machine that uses CADCAM technology to create beautiful precision-made crowns on the same day. These crowns are milled from solid blocks of pre-shaded porcelain and are hand-finished before we fit them into your mouth. The technology reduces the number of appointments required so you can return to normal more quickly.

The latest dental technologies can help to ensure your dental implant treatment in Courtice is much smoother than you could imagine. All the implant planning is completed behind the scenes, and if you need temporary teeth, we can create these before your appointment. Of course, our friendly dental team is always on hand to answer your questions at any time.

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