Can I Regrow My Own Teeth Yet?

You might have seen in the news recently that scientists are about to begin exciting clinical trials on a new drug that could mean people may be able to regrow their own teeth. Unfortunately, it isn’t available at the moment. The hope is that it will be available within ten years as a therapeutic drug for people with genetic or congenital factors who do not have a full set of adult teeth, a condition called anodontia in Ajax.

While exciting, it will undoubtedly be quite a few years before this drug is available for people missing teeth due to cavities, gum disease in Whitby, or who lose teeth due to trauma. Luckily, there is still an excellent option: dental implants.

The Next Best Thing to Growing Your Own Teeth

If you don’t know much about dental implants in Pickering, they are the closest treatment we currently have to replace real teeth. They work so well because they replicate a real tooth root, using a small screw surgically inserted into the jawbone.

The screw is made from medical-grade titanium or zirconia, a very strong ceramic material. Both are extremely biocompatible, so they are well accepted by the body and soon become firmly fused in the jawbone. The result is a strong anchorage point that can support various dental implant restorations in Brooklin.

If you only need a single tooth replacement, an implant screw can hold a dental implant crown. If you have several teeth missing in the same area of your mouth, we can use a dental implant bridge in Oshawa, so not every tooth needs to be replaced with an implant screw. Full arch restorations are also available, including a fixed bridge of teeth, which is nonremovable, and dental implant dentures. Implant dentures are removable, but instead of resting on the gums, they clip firmly onto the implants, eliminating many of the problems experienced by denture wearers. These include loose, uncomfortable dentures that make eating properly and speaking and socializing difficult.

Why See Us for Failing and Missing Teeth?

Durham Dental Solutions is a dedicated dental implant practice, and our dentists have decades of experience between them and in-depth knowledge in planning and placing dental implants accurately. Our dental office is equipped with all the latest technologies to ensure successful dental implant treatment. Our equipment allows us to carry out implant treatment from start to finish, including advanced procedures like bone grafting. When you see us for treatment, you can be sure your smile is in good hands.

The process begins with a free consultation to discover more about dental implants and how they could help you. Many people are concerned about how their new smile will look, and this is when digital smile design technology can help, using digital photos to design your new teeth creating images that you can view on-screen in the dental office. It can be invaluable in helping you make the right decision, and if you decide to go ahead, you will need a cone beam CT scan, a 3-D scan of your mouth that is used to plan your implant treatment accurately.

Another understandable concern is whether you will be left without teeth during treatment. You can rest assured that we can provide a temporary restoration, and sometimes, we can place an immediate temporary crown on the same day as your dental implant surgery in Bowmanville.

Are you worried about the thought of dental implant surgery? Ask us about sedation dentistry in Clarington, ensuring you receive your beautiful new implant teeth without fear or discomfort.

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