How Can I Have Same Day Dental Implants?

When tooth loss occurs, or teeth begin to fail, it can be embarrassing and upsetting, and understandably, most people will want to get them replaced as soon as possible. Complete tooth loss or multiple tooth loss is still a very common problem, and dental implants in Ajax are a popular way to restore them, but conventional treatment can often take a while to complete. Sometimes, it can take several months to replace teeth with implants, but same-day dental implants in Whitby might be another option.

Same-day dental implants are also called Teeth in a Day, and this is an advanced technique where our experienced dental implant dentists at Durham Dental Solutions can insert multiple dental implants and restore a new set of teeth, all on the same day of treatment. This procedure eliminates many people’s fear that they will be left without teeth during dental implant treatment in Newcastle. With this procedure, you would receive your dental implants during a short surgery, and once complete, a temporary set of teeth can be fitted soon afterwards. These temporary teeth are created before your surgery begins and are worn while your dental implants heal.

Why Do I Need Temporary Teeth?

There is a very good reason as to why these teeth are temporary, as it takes several months for dental implants to heal completely and become fused in your jawbone. It is a procedure called Osseointegration, where new bone cells grow on and around the implants that are often specially treated to encourage this process. During Osseointegration, it’s important that nothing disturbs the dental implants and that they do not come under any stress and cannot move. This is why dental implants used to be covered after they were initially inserted into the jawbone and left to heal for several months. However, using temporary teeth splints the dental implants together, ensuring they cannot move while they heal so Osseointegration can proceed smoothly.

The temporary teeth are designed to restore your appearance, so you need not worry about smiling or talking with others during this healing period. However, it’s still important to ensure the implants are not disturbed, so you might need to avoid foods that are very hard or especially crunchy during healing.

Receiving Your Permanent Teeth

Once healing is complete, your permanent bridge of teeth is made and can be fitted onto the implants. With the right care, your new bridge of teeth should last many years, provided you visit our dental office regularly for dental checkups and hygiene appointments in Clarington. With your permanent set of teeth, you can eat almost any food you desire, restoring nearly full biting strength, and these teeth are non-removable.

Can Anyone Have Same Day Dental Implants?

Teeth in a Day is a technique often suitable for people who need to restore multiple or a complete arch of teeth with dental implants in Oshawa. The process uses guided implant surgery in Courtice to ensure each implant is optimally located and can be restored successfully.

However, we assess the suitability of every single patient very carefully to ensure we recommend the right procedure that will provide lasting results. Teeth in a Day may be unsuitable for people with more complex dental needs or requiring a slightly different dental implant procedure.

Even if you are unsuitable for Teeth in a Day in Brooklin, there is almost certainly another dental implant treatment that could help you and provide the long-term results you desire. Also, while it may not be possible to fit temporary teeth soon after dental implant surgery, you can receive another type of temporary prosthesis to wear while the implants heal, so you needn’t fear being without teeth during implant treatment.

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