What to Do If You Have a Loose Tooth?

Unless you are a child looking forward to a visit from the tooth fairy, discovering you have a loose tooth is a cause for concern. A loose tooth in Ajax can be an emergency situation, depending on the cause. Even if it doesn’t require emergency care, you need to see a dentist urgently in case the tooth can be saved, and you should always contact Durham Dental Solutions for immediate help and advice.

Why Can Teeth Become Loose?

There are several reasons why teeth can loosen. Sometimes, the cause is obvious, such as if you take a blow to the mouth that dislodges a tooth, knocking it out of its socket. Often, this can occur during sports or may result from another trauma.

Another common reason for a loose tooth is gum disease. Gum disease, or periodontal disease in Whitby, is a bacterial infection that inflames the gums. Eventually, the bacteria destroy the bone and other structures that hold teeth in place. Without prompt treatment, these teeth can become loose and will even fall out.

If you have significant tooth decay, particularly one that results in a tooth infection in Pickering, it can severely damage the tooth to such an extent that it must be removed to clear up the infection. One sign of a tooth infection is a severe toothache, a symptom that should never be ignored, as a tooth can often be saved with root canal therapy. However, the infection can progress without treatment and your risk of losing the tooth increases.

Although teeth are strong, they can become cracked. If a tooth cracks vertically right through the tooth root, it can be impossible to mend.

What Happens When You See a Dentist for a Loose Tooth?

When you see a dentist for a loose tooth, they gently assess it to see if it is salvageable. For example, if you have dislodged a tooth, it may be possible to reposition it and place a splint to help stabilize the tooth. The splint allows the tooth to reattach in its socket and can be enough to save the tooth.

If your loose tooth is due to gum disease, but there is still a chance of saving it, you will need treatment to eliminate the gum infection in Oshawa. When the infection has destroyed the bone around the tooth, replacing the bone with a bone grafting procedure in Clarington may be possible.

When you visit our practice, you can rest assured that we do everything possible to save natural teeth. We only suggest removing a tooth after exploring all other options. If you need a tooth removed, don’t despair; we can replace it. It is important to restore a missing tooth as soon as possible because tooth loss can affect the stability of nearby teeth, increasing the risk of jawbone loss. Your jawbone relies on the stimulation provided by tooth roots to remain strong and healthy.

What If a Tooth Can’t Be Saved?

The best way to replace a missing tooth is with a dental implant in Courtice. Treatment is long-lasting, and a dental implant is the only solution that will help protect your jawbone so that it can be a great investment in your dental health. Dental implant teeth also look and feel natural and restore the ability to eat comfortably. If you have a tooth that is painful to bite on, you can look forward to eating your favourite foods that may currently be off the menu. Soon, the distress of having a failing tooth in Bowmanville will be no more than a memory.

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