Who is a Candidate for Dental Implants? How Much Do They Cost?

Tooth loss in Ajax is a common problem, and nowadays, more people are opting for dental implants to replace them. Dental implants are an advanced technology that is tried and tested, and when properly planned and placed, can produce reliable, long-lasting results and teeth that look and feel very similar to real teeth.

However, while most people can have implants, treatment isn’t right for everyone. Choosing an experienced dental implant dentist in Oshawa who can assess you thoroughly for suitability is essential. Durham Dental Solutions is a dedicated dental implant practice staffed by a team of extremely experienced and skilled implant dentists, so when you visit our practice, you can be sure you get the right advice and treatment.

Determining If You are a Candidate for Dental Implants

To help decide if you are a suitable candidate for dental implants in Pickering, we first need to examine your mouth, and this may involve taking a dental x-ray or a cone beam CT scan, a 3-D x-ray that helps us evaluate the bone density and structure available for implant placement. The cone beam CT scan is also used for properly planning and placing dental implants. We must assess your medical health because certain medical conditions like active periodontal disease, uncontrolled diabetes or cancer can affect the outcome of dental implants. These conditions may not mean you are unsuitable for treatment but can affect the recommended procedure. For example, if you have active periodontal disease, this must be treated first. Anyone with uncontrolled diabetes must ensure it is properly controlled before receiving dental implants and ensuring a good long-term outcome.

Once we have collected all this diagnostic information, we can advise you on the most appropriate treatment plan. Our dental implant dentists in Courtice are experienced in planning and placing dental implants using various implant systems, so we can discuss which system might be best for your needs if there are any alternatives and the difference between each option.

How Much Will Implant Treatment Cost?

It is tricky to provide a cost as the price of implant treatment in Bowmanville depends on several variables. These include your current dental health, whether you need teeth removed, or other procedures like bone grafting to build up your jawbone in preparation for implants.

Sometimes, someone who lost teeth years ago or had advanced periodontal disease will have lost quite a bit of the jawbone. A bone graft is a procedure that restores this missing bone, ensuring plenty of support for the new dental implants. The price also depends on the implant system we recommend and the number of teeth that must be replaced. Yet another variable is the materials used to make the final restoration and any temporary teeth needed during treatment.

What is the Success Rate of Treatment?

Dental implant treatment in Newcastle generally has a high success rate, typically 95% or more. However, this does depend on proper implant placement and planning and after-care. We use computer-guided dental implant surgery in Clarington for optimal results. We digitally design your dental implant treatment plan using your cone beam CT scan and other diagnostic images during this process. These allow us to identify the optimal position for each implant, including its depth and angulation. Once complete, a computer-generated stent or template is made, and this fits over your gums during implant surgery, guiding our implant dentist so your plan is replicated precisely. It ensures a high degree of accuracy and optimal results. Afterwards, you must ensure you look after your implants properly, maintaining excellent oral hygiene between regular dental checkups and cleans.

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