Fed Up with Messy Denture Adhesives? Ask About Implant Supported Dentures

Dentures can initially seem a great solution for tooth loss in Ajax, especially when they are brand-new and properly fitted. After losing teeth, you probably still have a reasonable amount of jawbone left to support dentures adequately, but the quality and quantity of jawbone can deteriorate over the years. This is because the jawbone gradually resorbs without the stimulation provided by tooth roots, so a denture that used to fit reasonably well gradually becomes looser and more difficult to keep in place. Denture adhesive is one solution, but it can be messy and expensive.

If you are struggling with loose dentures in Whitby and are fed up with using denture adhesive, another option is to consider implant supported dentures.

What Are Implant Supported Dentures?

An implant supported denture in Pickering looks exactly like an ordinary denture, but there are some significant differences. There are special attachments on the fitting surface of the denture so that instead of resting directly on the gums, the denture clips onto dental implants. The result is a denture that is held firmly in place without using any messy adhesives and easily removable for cleaning. An implant supported denture has greater biting strength than an ordinary denture and is designed to ensure you have a natural smile, and complete confidence of knowing your teeth cannot move out of place.

A Straightforward Process

If you have ever considered dental implant surgery in Oshawa before, you might be concerned that it is complicated. However, a good dental implant dentist can ensure the entire procedure is straightforward and all the complex planning is carried out behind the scenes. At Durham Dental Solutions, we first take a cone beam CT scan of your mouth to assess the quality and quantity of your jawbone and the condition of any remaining teeth that may need to be removed. We also take a digital dental impression, scanning your mouth with a tiny camera which eliminates the need for a messy and goopy dental impression. Digital images of your face and dental x-rays complete the diagnostic tests, and all this information is used to plan your treatment from start to finish.

The cone beam CT scan enables our experienced dental implant dentists in Newcastle to determine where to place each implant, making the best use of the available bone. Usually, these implants are placed towards the front of the mouth as the jawbone is naturally thicker and stronger. It’s important to ensure plenty of strong bone surrounds the implants as they must fuse with this bone creating a strong and secure anchorage point for your new teeth. Once we determine where each implant is to be located, a surgical guide or template is computer-generated, and this fits over your gums during the short oral surgery required to place the implants, guiding our implant dentist.

There is no need to be concerned about dental implant surgery in Clarington. We ensure it is a smooth and pain-free process and can offer sedation dentistry for patients who feel more nervous or anxious about this treatment. You may even feel so relaxed with sedation dentistry that you fall asleep during surgery.

Your new implant supported denture in Courtice can be fabricated using digital design technology, blending your digital images with scans and x-rays of your mouth to create a new prosthesis that looks great, feels natural and provides optimal functionality while protecting your facial appearance and the right support for the muscles in your cheeks and lips.


Implant supported dentures in Brooklin require between two and four dental implants to secure them. Because only a few implants are needed, treatment is very affordable.

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