Is It Worth Getting Dental Implants?

If you have been considering dental implants to replace missing teeth in Courtice, you might have already done some investigation but almost certainly have questions. One common question is whether dental implants are worth it, especially as this option costs more than other methods of tooth replacement.

While the initial cost can be more, dental implants can do a lot to help improve dental health, and you can gain self-confidence from knowing you have teeth that are strong and healthy. It can help to understand better what’s involved with the implant surgery procedure in Ajax so you know what to expect.

What Is a Dental Implant?

A dental implant in Brooklin is a replacement tooth root in the form of a small titanium or zirconia post, surgically placed into your jawbone. Once in position, an abutment is attached to the implant post, supporting a new implant crown that looks and feels exactly like a real tooth.

Of course, the process is somewhat more complicated than that, as once the implant post or screw is in your jawbone, it must bond or fuse with the surrounding bone during a process called Osseointegration. It can take three months or longer for this to occur, but often it is possible to fit a temporary crown for use during healing, so you needn’t worry that you will be left without teeth. Also, every implant treatment must be meticulously planned. At Durham Dental Solutions, we take this stage of treatment extremely seriously, using the latest technologies and techniques to identify the best location for each implant and to ensure every implant is optimally inserted so treatment has an excellent chance of long-term success.

The Importance of Advanced Treatment Planning

Before having a dental implant in Whitby, you need a consultation with one of our experienced dentists. They can examine your mouth, discuss this treatment in more detail, and take diagnostic images, including a cone beam CT scan. This 3-D digital scan allows us to examine your jawbone and existing teeth in 3-D. The image allows us to quantify the bone available for implant placement to ensure there is enough to surround the implant and allow Osseointegration to occur. The images also allow us to decide where each implant should be placed, including its angulation and depth, so that when it is restored with an implant crown or another implant restoration, the results will look and feel natural and, importantly, be fully functional so you can eat properly.

These processes are completed behind the scenes so that by the time you sit in the dental chair to receive your dental implant, our dentist knows exactly where it will be inserted and uses a computer-generated stent or template to replicate the treatment plan exactly. It’s a process that ensures you get optimally planned and placed dental implants in Pickering that will provide the results you expect and desire.

But are dental implants worthwhile? The answer has to be a resounding yes for most people. The benefits include improved appearance, especially if you have lost multiple teeth or teeth in your smile line. Restoring multiple teeth with dental implants can also help restore facial appearance, ensuring the correct height between your upper and lower jaws, creating a full and natural smile. If you currently wear dentures, your speech may be impaired, especially if the dentures move around. Using dental implants to secure a denture or replace it entirely with a fixed bridge can help improve speech, and of course, dental implants in Oshawa make it easy to eat comfortably.

Dental implants in Newcastle might cost a bit more and take longer to complete, but with the right care, you could be reaping the benefits for years or for life.

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