Advantage of Using Dental Implants in Smile Makeovers

Smile makeovers are becoming increasingly popular as more people learn about cosmetic dental treatments in Ajax that can improve the appearance of their teeth. Treatments used during a smile makeover include composite fillings that are tooth-coloured, porcelain crowns, bridges and veneers, and tooth whitening. The final outcome can be enhanced by other cosmetic procedures such as Botox and fillers that provide a great finishing touch. However, dental implants can also be used during a smile makeover, particularly when more extensive treatment is needed, for example, full mouth reconstruction.

Although dental implants in Whitby take longer to complete compared with other cosmetic dental treatments, they can significantly benefit dental health. Below are some of the advantages of using dental implants in smile makeovers.

Long-Lasting Results

Properly planned and placed dental implants in Pickering can last for many years or for life, so they are an excellent investment in your dental health, restoring teeth in a way that looks and feels very natural. Although dental implant costs may initially seem higher, they can prove extremely cost-effective over time.

Protecting Existing Teeth

Dental implants in Oshawa protect your existing teeth. When you lose teeth, those adjacent to the gap can shift out of position, moving towards the empty space, which can destabilize them and change your bite. There is also a risk of these teeth becoming more worn as there are fewer teeth to cope with the stresses and strains created when you bite and chew food. Using dental implants helps prevent unwanted tooth movements and shares the stress and strain of eating food comfortably.


Unlike other options like tooth-supported bridges, there is no need for a dentist to reshape the adjacent teeth to support the dental bridge. Instead, dental implants in Newcastle are self-supporting, helping to preserve healthy teeth adjacent to the gap.

Protecting Your Jawbone

When you lose natural teeth, the entire tooth is extracted, including its root. A tooth root helps support a natural tooth, anchoring it in position, but it also provides valuable stimulation to the bone surrounding it, ensuring this bone remains strong and healthy. The loss of a tooth root can result in bone loss that can destabilize adjacent teeth and change overall facial dimensions when multiple teeth are missing. Dental implants in Clarington help protect and preserve the jawbone, providing similar stimulation to the bone surrounding the implant posts specially designed to replicate real tooth roots.

Eat Almost Anything You Wish

Anyone with teeth failing or missing entirely will know it’s difficult to eat certain foods comfortably. Consequently, avoiding favourite foods that may be harder to chew is often necessary. When you have dental implant crowns and bridges in Courtice, your biting strength is similar to having natural teeth. An implant denture provides far greater biting strength than an ordinary denture that merely rests on the gums.

If you are considering a smile makeover and have missing teeth, it’s well worth looking into dental implants to replace them. Durham Dental Solutions is a dedicated dental implant practice, and our implant dentists have decades of experience between them in providing a complete range of implant services in Brooklin, regardless of whether you need a single tooth replaced or require more complicated treatments to restore multiple teeth or even complete arches. All treatments are planned and placed using the latest technologies, including computer-guided surgery, a technique that ensures your implants are placed in the best locations so you can be sure of receiving teeth that not only look good but which function optimally.

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