Learn the Benefits of Guided Dental Implant Surgery

If you lose one or more teeth, there are several ways to replace them. Traditional restorations include partial or full dentures and dental bridges supported by natural teeth. However, dental implants are the more advanced way to restore missing teeth in Ajax, and treatment is often regarded as the gold standard. At Durham Dental Solutions, our dentists are dedicated to providing patients with the best implant treatments, including guided dental implant surgery.

What Is Guided Implant Surgery?

Anyone missing teeth has probably researched how to replace them and may have discovered that dental implants are frequently the best option. However, even if you know a bit about dental implants, you may not have heard much about computer guided implant surgery, let alone how it works.

Computer guided implant surgery uses the latest technologies to place dental implants in Whitby accurately, more smoothly and more quickly. The result is implants that are placed optimally, ensuring a better treatment outcome and quicker and more comfortable healing.

With computer guided surgery, we take a cone beam CT scan of your jaws, providing detailed 3-D images. These images are used to plan your implant surgery step-by-step and to ensure that once your implants are restored, your new implant teeth in Oshawa are fully functional and should look and feel as natural as possible. Once we are happy with the treatment plan, a surgical stent is created for use during implant placement.

We’ve outlined some benefits of choosing computer guided implant surgery below.

Quicker Surgery

With the computer guided implant surgery in Pickering, your treatment is planned precisely beforehand. When you sit in the dental chair, our dentist already knows exactly where each implant is to be placed, its angulation and its depth. They use a computer generated stent, a sophisticated template to guide surgery precisely. The result is a quicker surgery time which is always preferable.

A High Degree of Precision

Using a surgical stent allows our implant dentist in Newcastle to replicate the treatment plan exactly. This ensures your treatment is precise and that every dental implant is placed in the best possible location.

Reduced Risks

A cone beam CT scan clearly shows your jaws and any existing teeth in great detail and other structures like nerves, sinus cavities and blood vessels that must be avoided, ensuring the risk of these structures being compromised during surgery is greatly reduced.

Faster Healing

The ability to place dental implants in Bowmanville precisely ensures only minimal incisions are needed. Afterwards, there should be less discomfort and swelling, and healing should be smooth and faster.

Patient Education

We love educating patients about their oral health, and we can show you the 3-D scans so you understand treatment more clearly and how it will help your dental health.

Placing Temporary Teeth

Using computer guided surgery can help with the placement of temporary teeth soon after implants are placed. The technique, called teeth in a day in Brooklin, allows our experienced implant dentists to attach non-removable temporary teeth onto the implants on the same day they are inserted. These temporary teeth remain in place until the implants have healed; at this point, they are replaced with more permanent restorations that look and feel even better.

In addition, we have a digital smile design service in Courtice, where we use your digital scans and photos to create images showing how your new teeth will look so you gain a good idea of the benefits of dental implant treatment to your appearance. Digital smile design is also a wonderful way to become more involved in the entire treatment process and to ensure the predicted outcome is to your liking.

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