What is the Difference Between Teeth in a Day and Implant Supported Dentures?

Anyone trying to cope with complete tooth loss or who has teeth that are decayed, infected and failing in Courtice will know just how difficult it is to cope each day. Everyday activities you previously took for granted, such as eating comfortably, talking, and smiling, can be negatively impacted.

The most modern way to replace missing teeth is with full arch dental implants in Ajax, which provide strong, stable teeth carefully designed to look and feel as natural as possible. Generally, a couple of options are available for people who need to replace a complete arch of teeth in their upper or lower jaw or both. The first is a treatment called Teeth in a Day, while the second is implant-supported dentures.

Both dental implant options in Bowmanville offer good solutions and offer some significant benefits. In addition to looking and feeling natural, they provide a long-term tooth replacement. Biting strength is greatly improved, making eating a wider range of foods easier. This, in turn, can positively impact general health, making it easier to choose nutritious foods. Lastly, when you know your teeth look and feel good, it can be a great boost to self-confidence and self-esteem. Both treatments work slightly differently, so understanding how each might help you is worth it.

Teeth in a Day

Teeth in a Day is a great solution if you want teeth that are permanently fixed in place, so you will not need to take them out for cleaning or when you want to sleep. This dental implant solution restores your bite strength, so it is similar to having natural teeth and is a long-term option for tooth loss. As the name of the treatment suggests, you receive teeth on the same day of surgery so that you will go home with a new dental bridge firmly fixed onto your dental implants in Brooklin. These teeth are temporary and are used while your implants heal and integrate with your jawbone. Once you have fully healed, you return to Durham Dental Solutions, where we can make and fit your more permanent teeth.

However, with Teeth in a Day in Whitby, it’s normally necessary to use between four and six dental implants to hold a full arch of teeth securely. You may need six dental implants to restore an upper arch of teeth because your upper jawbone is naturally weaker and thinner. This option is ideal if you want implant teeth in Pickering that feel strong and stable, and would prefer to have teeth that you can leave in place all the time.

Implant-Supported Dentures

Implant-supported dentures are also a good option and can be more affordable than Teeth in a Day. This is because between two and four dental implants are needed to support a complete arch of teeth in the form of a removable denture. Although this denture will look exactly like an ordinary denture, it has special attachments on its fitting surface that clip onto the dental implants in your jawbone. Once clipped in place, biting strength is improved compared with a traditional denture but won’t be quite as good as with Teeth in a Day. You can easily take out the dentures for cleaning and sleeping. Because the denture is held firmly in place, there is no need to use any messy adhesives.

No matter your chosen solution, your dental implant treatment in Newcastle is planned and placed using computer-guided surgery. Our dental office is equipped with the latest technologies, and dental implant dentists have decades of experience between them, so you can be sure your oral health is in good hands.

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