Things to Know Before Getting Dental Implants

Every tooth that is missing or is failing will negatively affect your oral health in Ajax, so you lose a bit of quality of life as your ability to eat comfortably or talk and smile confidently diminishes. Dental implants are often the best way to restore missing teeth, giving you the option of receiving replacement teeth with a high degree of strength and stability and looking as natural as possible.

Deciding to have dental implants can be a significant decision, so learning as much as possible about this treatment beforehand is important. Below are just a few things you will need to know about dental implants in Whitby.

They Function and Look Like Natural Teeth

Dental implants consist of tiny screws embedded into the jawbone during a short surgery. Over several months, the implant screws become firmly fused with the jawbone, helping to give them strength and stability similar to real teeth. This is because the screws replicate natural tooth roots, so once the implants are restored, they have good biting and chewing strength and are designed to function similarly to real teeth.

The Procedure Will Not Feel Painful

No dental procedure should feel painful, and certainly not dental implant surgery in Brooklin. We ensure that your mouth is fully numb before treatment begins and can provide sedation dentistry for anyone who feels anxious or nervous or has other concerns, such as a strong gag reflex.

Sedation dentistry options available at Durham Dental Solutions include laughing gas (nitrous oxide), oral sedation, where you take a pill shortly before treatment, and intravenous sedation provided by a certified anesthesiologist who will continually monitor you during treatment.

Additionally, we use computer-guided dental implant surgery in Pickering, a technique where your treatment is planned digitally, and computer-generated stents help guide dental implant placement accurately. It is a procedure that helps ensure treatment is smoother, more comfortable, and healing is faster with minimal side effects.

It Can Take Several Appointments to Complete Treatment

Dental implants are a sophisticated treatment that requires excellent planning. Although sometimes treatment can be completed relatively quickly, other times it could take a bit longer, but the results will be well worth the wait.

Initially, you need a consultation with one of our experienced dental implant dentists in Courtice to assess if this treatment is suitable and will provide the desired outcome. You also need diagnostic tests, including a cone beam CT scan. This 3-D scan allows our dentists to evaluate your jawbone and existing teeth in great detail and from any angle. We can identify where best to situate each implant and if additional procedures are needed, such as tooth removals or bone or gum grafting in Bowmanville.

Once you decide to proceed with treatment we can decide which treatment is best. Sometimes we can remove failing teeth and place dental implants during the same procedure. Other times, it might be necessary to carry out bone or gum grafting and leave these to heal. Whatever treatment you receive, you can also be fitted with temporary teeth. Once your dental implants are placed and temporary teeth fitted, a healing period begins, where your new implants can firmly fuse with your jawbone. The final stage is making and fitting your permanent teeth.

Protecting Your Implants from Infection

Dental implants are surrounded by living gum and bone that can become infected without a good oral care routine. Caring for dental implants is easy; we will show you how to clean them and are always here to offer more help and advice. Regular dental checkups and hygiene appointments allow us to clean your implants professionally and ensure they are strong and healthy.

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