How to Find a Good Dental Implant Dentist

Most people regard dental implants in Ajax as quite a financial investment in their dental health, especially if they need more than one dental implant or require trickier implant treatment that is more complicated to complete. Therefore, finding the right implant dental office is important but can initially seem challenging.

Choosing the right dental implant dentist in Whitby ensures you can protect your investment and be confident that treatment will provide the desired and predicted outcome. When you see a reputable dental implant dentist with the right skills, you can also be sure you receive the correct treatment for your needs. Numerous implant systems are available to suit all situations, but not every dentist has the knowledge required to use them fully.

Points to consider when choosing your dental implant dentist in Pickering include the following:

  • Proximity to your home or work; when you choose a dentist that is easy to get to, you will be more motivated to attend appointments, and it is less stressful.
  • Are the dental implant dentists at the practice properly trained? Some dentists have only limited training and experience in dental implantology in Oshawa.
  • Is the practice dedicated to dental implants, so you can be sure of getting the specialized treatment you need?
  • Whether they offer sedation dentistry in Brooklin. Sedation dentistry is useful for anyone who is nervous or anxious. It can be invaluable when completing lengthy and more complicated dental implant treatments, ensuring patients receive their new teeth comfortably.
  • Does the practice have specialized dental equipment such as a cone Beam CT scanner, digital impression technology and on-site milling facilities?
  • Do they have an on-site dental laboratory? Dentists often need to collaborate closely with technicians when designing and fabricating dental implant restorations that can be extremely sophisticated.
  • Can they offer additional treatments often needed for dental implant treatments in Newcastle, for example, bone grafts?

Durham Dental Solutions is Dedicated to Dental Implantology

Our dental practice is dedicated solely to dental implants in Bowmanville. Our dentists have decades of experience between them and teach other dentists in the area, so they are completely up to date with the latest techniques and materials and advancements in dental technology. They can treat even the most complex dental implant cases and are passionate about dental implantology. All dental implants are planned and placed using computer-guided surgery, which helps ensure optimal treatment outcomes and a more comfortable process for patients.

We offer a choice of sedation techniques tailored to each patient. Sedation dentistry in Courtice ensures you can receive dental implants comfortably while you feel completely relaxed in the dental chair. Options range from nitrous oxide or laughing gas to IV sedation administered by a certified anesthesiologist and where you will feel deeply relaxed and most likely will remember little or nothing about treatment.

Durham Dental Solutions has the most advanced technologies, including a cone beam CT scanner, a digital scanner that takes an impression of your teeth and replaces messy tray impressions, and an on-site milling machine. This machine allows us to create new dental restorations quickly and accurately from solid blocks of pre-shaded porcelain. These restorations are then hand-finished in our on-site dental laboratory by a skilled team of technicians. We also liaise closely with these technicians when making all restorations, ensuring you get high-quality teeth that look and feel natural and provide good functionality.

If you need additional treatments like bone grafting, our experienced implant dentists can provide this service. We offer a complete range of bone grafts in Clarington, including socket preservation, ridge augmentation, and sinus lifts. Using plasma-rich growth factors during bone grafting helps aid healing. These growth factors are obtained from your blood and are extremely safe and effective.

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