How Much is a Single Dental Implant?

Losing a single tooth in Ajax is a very common problem, and it’s natural to want the best treatment to replace it, especially if the tooth is highly visible in your mouth. If you do any research, you will almost certainly discover that dental implants are the gold standard for restoring missing teeth. Understandably one of the first questions patients ask is how much is the cost of a single dental implant in Whitby. Several factors can affect the cost of dental implants, as everyone’s oral health needs are unique. Here are some factors we need to consider when you visit Durham Dental Solutions to discover more about this treatment.

Are Any Tooth Extractions Needed?

If you have teeth that are failing, these will need to be extracted before you can have dental implants in Oshawa. The number of failing teeth and the number of implants needed to replace them will impact your overall costs. Removing a tooth isn’t an expensive treatment, but it is important to make sure it is extracted correctly, minimizing damage to the surrounding bone and protecting this bone as much as possible.

Is Dental Bone Grafting Needed?

It’s not unusual to need a bone graft in Newcastle for dental implants, especially if you lost teeth quite some time ago or had a severe infection like periodontal disease that has destroyed the jawbone. Bone grafting is a straightforward treatment, but the cost can vary considerably. For example, sometimes, it’s possible to place a small amount of bone grafting material when a tooth is extracted to help preserve the bony socket. Other times, a more substantial bone graft might be needed, which will obviously cost a bit more.

The Type of Dental Implant Treatment Recommended

Dental implant treatment in Clarington is a very versatile procedure, and the treatment plan recommended will all depend on your oral health needs. Perhaps you have already lost a tooth and need an implant inserted, or maybe you need a tooth removed in preparation for dental implants. Sometimes it’s possible for an implant dentist to remove a failing tooth, insert a new dental implant, and even attach a temporary implant crown on the same day. Other times you may be recommended to remove a failing tooth and let the empty socket heal before the dental implant is inserted. Your implant dentist might also suggest waiting before restoring the dental implant with a new implant crown.

The Type of Implant Restoration

Finally, your choice of implant restoration and the materials selected to make this restoration will affect the cost of dental implant treatment in Courtice. For example, most dental implant posts are made from titanium alloy, but people with metal sensitivities or allergies can choose to have dental implants made from zirconia, a strong ceramic material which will impact the cost. The cost of the implant crown can vary tremendously, and the highest quality implant crowns are entirely metal-free and made from the latest ceramics. If you need a temporary crown, there would also be a small cost for this restoration.

Discovering More

There is a lot to learn about dental implant treatment in Pickering, and our dentists are here to help. When you visit our practice for an initial consultation, we can examine your mouth and determine your oral health needs. We will ensure you understand every solution available, can provide you with a breakdown of all the costs and explain how each option will help restore your smile. The great thing about dental implant treatment is that it is a long-term solution, and with the proper aftercare, you should be enjoying your new implant tooth for many years.

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