Where to Start if You Want Dental Implants?

When you have failing or missing teeth in Courtice, it is important to consider how to replace them, preferably as soon as possible. If you are in this position, you may have almost certainly considered dental implants and might have already decided this is your preferred option, but what to do next?

Choose a Good Dental Implant Dentist

Placing dental implants in Ajax successfully relies on the implant dentist’s skill and experience, so choosing the right dentist will make all the difference to the success of your treatment and helps protect your investment. Durham Dental Solutions is a dental practice where our dentists have decades of combined implant experience. The practice is very well equipped with all the latest technologies, ensuring you can have the entire process from start to finish in just one location. It might seem trivial, but you will need several appointments, and it’s much nicer when you already know the practice, how to get there and what to expect, and it can help reduce any issues with stress and anxiety.

Your Initial Consultation

Your first step is to book your complimentary consultation with an implant dentist in Ajax. When you visit the practice, your implant dentist will examine your mouth, discuss your treatment aims, and discuss possible options available. They can also give you a rough estimate of dental implant costs in Whitby. However, it will be possible to provide a firm estimate unless you have diagnostic imaging.

Diagnostic Imaging

Diagnostic tests that include a 3-D CT scan and digital dental x-rays are the next step of this process. Both are very safe, painless, and won’t take long to complete. The 3-D CT scan is particularly important because it provides your implant dentist in Pickering with a clear 3-D image of your jaws, other structures in your mouth, and any remaining teeth. Digital dental x-rays help clarify this information further.

Using these images, your implant dentist can see if you have adequate bone and will be able to determine which treatment might be best for your needs. Don’t worry if you hear that you don’t have quite enough good quality jawbone, as this is a common problem. It can be remedied with bone grafting in Oshawa. At this stage, you can receive a firm estimate of the costs and time needed to complete your treatment.

Placing Your Dental Implants

Sometimes, placing a dental implant into your jaw immediately after your imaging tests is possible. It may even be possible to fit a temporary crown in Newcastle during this appointment. Otherwise, you may have a follow-up appointment a week or so later.

Your implant treatment will be planned behind the scenes. During this part of the procedure, your dental implant dentist will decide where each implant should be situated and the type of implant system to best suit your needs. Once the plan is complete, a computer-generated surgical stent is created for implant placement. It is a template that fits over your gum, allowing your implant dentist to replicate the treatment plan exactly. Your dental implant treatment should feel smooth and comfortable, and please remember we can always provide dental sedation in Clarington if needed. We can also ensure you have temporary teeth to use while your implants heal, so you need not fear being left without a smile.

Making and Fitting Your Final Dental Restoration

It takes around two months for the implants to heal and fuse in your jawbone, by which time we can make and fit your permanent restoration. We take tremendous care when fabricating dental implant teeth in Brooklin, so the final result should be teeth that look and feel and function much like real teeth.

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