Visualize Your New Implant Teeth with Digital Smile Design

Dental implants in Ajax are a wonderful invention and can restore your smile to its former glory. This popular treatment will replace failing, decayed and infected teeth, and those already missing, providing you with implant teeth that feel strong, stable and comfortable and that should look great.

We realize that missing or failing teeth can be a source of discomfort or pain, and many people feel embarrassed to smile or talk with others when they know their teeth don’t look their best. These are why dental implant dentists in Whitby frequently recommend dental implants as the gold standard for restoring missing teeth. However, we also realize it can be a big decision to make. While our experienced implant dentists can visualize how your new teeth should look once completed, it’s not always easy to explain this in words and digital smile design can help tremendously.

What Is Digital Smile Design Technology?

Digital smile design uses advanced technology to help you understand how dental implants in Pickering will benefit your appearance. Instead of needing to use your imagination and trust in our designs, you can now see how your new teeth should look once we finish treatment. It’s a great innovation because it allows our patients to make decisions more confidently and clearly understand the advantages of dental implant treatment. Having this knowledge means you can look forward to treatment and the process of seeing your new smile emerge instead of feeling apprehensive and anxious.

How Does It Work?

We have invested significantly in the latest digital technology, including an intraoral scanner that will take 3-D digital impressions of your mouth. We also take digital photographs inside your mouth and digital images of your face. The information is combined to create a digital photograph of your face allowing us to custom-design your new smile. Instead of seeing your old, failing teeth or gaps in your smile, you can view digital photographs showing your new teeth so you can see clearly how your new implant restorations will help. We can use this technique to show you how a single dental implant will look. It is especially useful when we plan full arch restorations for people, restoring a complete arch of upper or lower teeth or sometimes both arches.

Digital smile design in Oshawa is painless, non-invasive, and quick for us to complete. Another major advantage of this technique is that it allows you to become involved in the planning process. We can design the size, shape and colour of teeth that we feel will best suit your appearance and complement your facial features, but of course, you can provide feedback on our thoughts and are free to customize your look. Our experienced dentists can work with you until you are happy with the predicted appearance of your new teeth.

Making Your New Smile Reality

Once your digital smile design in Newcastle is complete, we can begin bringing it into the real world. We use the latest digital technology to plan your treatment, including a 3-D scan of your teeth and jaws to pinpoint the precise location of each dental implant. Once we have a treatment plan, a surgical stent is computer-generated. It is a custom-made template used during your surgery to place every dental implant accurately, quickly, and comfortably. Your digital smile design in Courtice is used to create your new teeth, including any temporary teeth. With this technique, you might be able to trial your new smile before receiving the final restorations to ensure you are entirely happy with the predicted results.

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