Sedation Dentistry: Removing the Fear from Dental Implant Treatment

When it’s time for a dental checkup, do you feel a slight twinge of anxiety or fear, even though you are pretty sure your dental health is good? You’re not alone, as it’s a common situation. Many people feel slightly anxious when seeing the dentist, but these feelings are more substantial for others. They may be due to a previous bad experience when they were a child, and sometimes the smell, sounds, or even the sight of dental tools can be enough to promote feelings of dental anxiety in Ajax.

Receive Compassionate Dental Care

Our team at Durham Dental Solutions is well aware that some of our patients feel this way, and we also know that the care you receive can make a tremendous difference to your dental experience. We are all very kind and compassionate and have chosen careers in a caring profession because we want to make a positive difference in people’s lives.

If you are fed up with feeling anxious or nervous about the thought of dental care or have been delaying treatments like dental implants in Whitby, come and see us and discover how we can make your experience much more pleasant.

We Take the Time to Listen to Our Patients

Our dentists in Pickering treat patients holistically, considering not only your dental health but your overall health, and we take time to get to know you. Part of this process is to listen to any concerns you may have about dental care, especially any dental fears or anxieties. When we know how you feel, we are better equipped to help you receive the dental care you need or desire comfortably and free from fear.

One way we can do this is by using sedation dentistry in Newcastle, which is extremely effective and useful for anyone considering dental implants who may have delayed or avoided this treatment because of fear or phobias.

Dental implant treatment in Clarington is a wonderful way to restore missing teeth, but it does require a short surgical procedure. For some people, the thought of undergoing this procedure is too much to bear, but we can ensure you feel calm, relaxed and comfortable during this treatment.

Helping to Calm Your Nerves

Sedation dentistry in Courtice uses sedatives to ensure you feel calm and that treatment is entirely painless. It is ideal for anyone with a fear of needles, who has a strong gag reflex that makes receiving dental care uncomfortable, or who feels anxious or nervous about the thought of dental implant treatment. By using sedation dentistry, we can ensure any sensations of pain or discomfort are blocked so you can receive the dental care you need and be well on your way to enjoying a healthier, more confident and happy smile.

Customized to Address Your Concerns

Each treatment is carefully customized to address your unique oral health and concerns. For example, some people only feel slightly anxious and may feel more comfortable with a little extra help, such as Nitrous oxide or laughing gas. This mild sedative is fast acting and is quick to clear your system after we complete treatment. Other people may feel more comfortable with oral sedation, where you take a pill shortly before your treatment so that once you sit in the dental chair, you feel completely relaxed. We may choose to enhance the effects of oral sedation with Nitrous oxide to ensure you feel completely calm and comfortable. People who need longer or more complex treatment may be advised to have intravenous sedation. Intravenous or IV sedation in Brooklin is an advanced procedure, so we bring in a certified anaesthesiologist to administer the sedative and take care of you throughout your procedure.


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