Feeling Self-Conscious about Missing Teeth? Consider Dental Implants

Losing even a single tooth in Courtice is an unhappy situation, and many people feel self-conscious about having a gap in their smile. One solution for tooth loss is to have a dental bridge, which means removing potentially healthy tooth structure to make and fit the bridge, which is less than desirable. Others have opted for uncomfortable or ill-fitting dentures and presume they just need to cope with the situation.

Why Have Dental Implants?

If you are missing teeth in Ajax, dental implants are an effective and popular way to replace them. They are designed to closely replicate real teeth and blend in with any existing teeth. Dental implants are an excellent long-term treatment that, with the proper care, should last for years or life.

Dental implants in Whitby are not a new development and have been used for several decades. During this time, they have been extensively studied and newer, and more innovative systems are being continually introduced. They are made from either titanium or zirconia, both of which are biocompatible. They are designed to become fused in the jawbone, creating a sturdy anchor for a new crown, bridge or denture.

Discovering More about Treatment

Most people find dental implants in Pickering are a viable option, providing them with teeth that are stable and strong. There are several distinct phases of treatment. The first phase is to see if dental implants are the right treatment choice for your needs which is simple with a consultation at Durham Dental Solutions. Our experienced dental implant dentists can quickly assess your dental health and discuss possible treatments available and the costs involved.

Planning Your New Smile

The next stage is to plan and place your dental implants in Oshawa, and all implant treatments are planned using the latest digital technologies. We scan your mouth using a small handheld scanner to create detailed digital 3-D models of your jaws. A cone beam CT scan provides 3-D images of your jawbone and any existing teeth, and we may also wish to take photographs.

All the information is used to digitally plan your implant treatment in Bowmanville, deciding where each implant is to be inserted. We create a surgical stent or template that is used during implantation. It guides our implant dentist so the treatment plan is precisely replicated while ensuring the actual procedure is quicker, smoother and more comfortable for you.

Placing Dental Implants

It doesn’t take very long to place dental implants in Newcastle, and we take every precaution to ensure treatment is as comfortable as possible. We can provide dental sedation for people who feel a bit more anxious, and this can be a nice option for anyone who requires a lengthier or more complex implant procedure or has a strong gag reflex. Often, at this stage, we can fit temporary teeth onto the implants soon after surgery. These teeth ensure you can smile confidently and eat while the implants heal.

It takes several months for dental implants in Newcastle to heal as new bone must grow on and around the implant posts, fusing the implants in place. Once this process, called Osseointegration, is complete, then you return to our practice so we can fabricate your new teeth.

Custom Designing Your New Teeth

All dental implant teeth in Clarington are custom-designed because everyone’s smile is unique. We consider your facial structure, gender, skin tone, and personality when fabricating your new teeth. The result is teeth that look and feel good, supporting your cheeks and lips correctly and providing you with a strong, attractive smile.

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