Facts About the Cost of Dental Implants

When it comes to replacing missing teeth in Ajax, most dentists agree that dental implants are the superior choice. Generally, people who choose to have dental implants are very happy with the results, but not everybody will consider this option. The truth is that many people will instead opt for dental bridges or partial or complete dentures, not because they don’t know about dental implants but because they figure they are unaffordable.

While dental implants do cost more initially, it’s worth considering the facts about the lifetime costs of dental implants compared to dentures and bridges in Whitby.

Dentures are inexpensive initially, but they require special cleaning agents and a storage case and often need denture adhesive to secure them. As dentures become increasingly ill-fitting over time due to changes to the jawbone’s shape, they often need relining to make them fit more securely. They can easily become broken, requiring urgent dental repairs in Pickering and need replacing entirely after just a few years.

Dental bridges are supported by natural teeth that are ground down, substantially reshaped, and covered with crowns attached to the replacement tooth or teeth. Although they are much more secure and stable than dentures, dental bridges have a limited lifespan. They can need replacing after ten years or possibly a bit longer with excellent oral care in Oshawa. Additionally, grinding down natural teeth leaves these teeth more vulnerable to infection and decay in the future, especially as the dental bridge starts to age and can potentially leak around the margin, letting in infection-causing bacteria. While the initial cost of a dental bridge is less than dental implants, they can cost more over a lifetime, especially if more dental work is needed on the supporting or abutment teeth.

Dental implants are a long-term solution in Newcastle and can potentially last for life with the right care. The implant posts are made from strong titanium or zirconia inserted into the jawbone. Because dental implants are self-supporting, they don’t cause any damage to adjacent teeth. They can be a cost-effective option for restoring single teeth, where only a single dental implant crown is needed to restore the implant post.

In comparison, restoring a single tooth with a dental bridge requires two abutment teeth to be reshaped and crowned, which are attached to the replacement tooth, creating a three-tooth or three-unit bridge. The cost of replacing a three-unit bridge can be higher than replacing just a single crown covering a dental implant in Courtice.

How Can the Cost of Implant Treatment Vary So Much?

You will have discovered enormous variations if you have researched the cost of dental implants. The true cost of treatment can depend on your oral health needs; for example, people who may have inadequate jawbone to support the implants will need a bone graft in Clarington. While this increases the overall costs, it’s important to realize dental implants can protect the jawbone from further loss. It is just one reason our dentists at Durham Dental Solutions often recommend patients consider dental implants to restore missing teeth sooner rather than later after tooth loss. Also, we use top-quality implant components and materials to provide longer-lasting results.

Another common misconception about the price of dental implants is that replacing an entire arch of teeth with implant teeth is prohibitively expensive. However, there are various techniques where a complete arch of teeth can be restored with as few as four dental implants, ensuring this treatment is much more affordable than many imagine. You can discover the true cost of high-quality dental implants when you visit our practice and learn much more about all the benefits of treatment.

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