Is It Safe to Have Dental Implants?

Dental implants in Ajax are an extremely safe procedure, especially when performed by an experienced dental implant dentist. Our dental team at Durham Dental Solutions has decades of experience between them and an extremely high success rate. Of course, with any form of oral surgery, there is always a slight risk, but we take extensive care to minimize these risks by screening patients carefully to ensure they are suitable candidates.

What Are the Requirements for Having Dental Implants?

Generally, most people will be suitable candidates for dental implant surgery in Whitby and to qualify, you must have healthy gums and good overall health. It’s also important that you have a high standard of oral hygiene. Even though dental implants are easy to look after, the gum and bone surrounding them can still become infected if you ignore your oral care. Dental implants might not be a good investment if you are less interested in looking after your oral health. Ideally, you should be cavity free and be a non-smoker. If you currently smoke, be prepared to quit for the duration of treatment and preferably for life.

What If I Have Metal Allergies or Sensitivities?

Some people have allergies or sensitivities to certain metals like zinc, nickel, iron or copper and may think they are less suitable for dental implants in Pickering. If you are concerned about metal allergies, one option is to have a MELISA test to determine if you have any metal sensitivities or allergies. People with metal allergies can still have dental implants but need to opt for zirconia implants.

Usually, dental implants in Oshawa are made from titanium, an extremely biocompatible alloy commonly used in other medical applications such as joint replacements. However, it is possible to have zirconia dental implants instead. Zirconia is a very strong form of ceramic material and is entirely metal free. It is perfect for anyone with metal allergies or who would prefer not to have metal in their body.

What Can Go Wrong with Dental Implant Surgery?

Dental implant surgery in Newcastle is a complex procedure involving several treatment phases. Every implant must be placed accurately; otherwise, a dental implant could be situated too close to a nerve or not in quite the right location for proper restoration afterwards. We ensure every dental implant is inserted optimally using computer-guided surgery, avoiding nerves and ensuring that the final implant teeth look and feel natural and are fully functional once restored.

Another possibility is an infection which is why good oral hygiene is so important. All our implant surgeries are carried out using the highest standards of infection control. Afterwards, we provide complete instructions on how to care for the dental implants as they heal. Failing to follow these instructions closely could increase the risk of infection. Also, a dental implant can be infected years after the procedure if you fail to keep it clean. This is why we like to ensure people understand they must look after their oral health afterwards. They should have regular dental checkups and cleanings in Clarington to maintain strong and healthy dental implants.

To sum up, dental implant treatment in Courtice is very safe, and the right implant planning, placement, and after-care provide excellent and predictable results. Dental implants are not a new treatment as they have been used worldwide for decades, and we only use the highest quality implant components from reputable manufacturers. These components are rigorously tested and evaluated to ensure they are safe and will last a long time.

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