Can Dental Implants Rejuvenate Your Appearance?

These days many people choose to have cosmetic treatments to reduce the appearance of fine lines and generally give their appearance a boost. It’s also no secret that having a nice smile can do wonders for your looks and that missing teeth in Ajax can be prematurely ageing, and this is where dental implants can often help.

When you lose teeth, it’s quite common to see wrinkles develop around your lips because you need your teeth to help provide structure to your face. Your teeth support the muscles in your cheeks and lips; without them, your facial features are in danger of collapsing. Dental implants in Whitby can help reverse these premature signs of ageing due to tooth loss.

What Are Dental Implants?

A dental implant artificially replaces a tooth in a way that looks and feels like a real tooth. The implant generally has three components: a small post or screw made from titanium or zirconia inserted into the jawbone, replicating a natural tooth root. The post becomes strongly fused in the jawbone in a matter of months, providing a strong anchorage point for an abutment that supports a new implant crown.

Dental implants in Pickering are considered the most modern way to replace missing teeth, and although there are other options like dentures or dental bridges, they don’t provide the same level of benefit. Below are two ways tooth loss affects your appearance and dental health and how dental implants can reverse this impact.

Fine Lines and Wrinkles

Fine lines and wrinkles might be a natural effect of ageing, but losing teeth can accelerate this process. Without teeth supporting your facial muscles, your skin can sag inwards, creating deep folds and wrinkles. At the same time, losing multiple teeth affects the overall dimensions of your face, reducing the height between your upper and lower jaw, which is due to jawbone loss. Without your natural tooth roots to provide support, your jawbone gradually begins to resorb, especially in the first year after tooth loss. The ridge of bone that originally supported your teeth diminishes in height, so wrinkles and folds in your facial skin appear even deeper and your cheeks can become sunken as the skin starts to sag.

Dental implants in Oshawa stimulate the bone around them, preventing jawbone loss while restoring your teeth. The implant teeth are specially designed to support the muscles in your cheeks and lips properly.

Eating Softer Foods

Having fewer teeth negatively impacts your dietary choices, and any remaining must work harder to chew food thoroughly. The additional stress and strain on these teeth can wear them down more quickly and can impact your jaw joints. Consequently, many people with missing teeth in Newcastle will begin to eat a softer diet. However, while eating softer foods may be easier to chew, following a nutritionally sound diet can be harder. As a result, it can be harder to fight infection and disease and maintain a healthy body and skin. At the same time, missing teeth can negatively impact speech, making it more difficult to socialize with others confidently.

When you have dental implant teeth, you can eat almost anything you wish with confidence and enjoyment. You can choose nutritious foods, protecting your overall health. Being able to chew food properly also protects your jaw joints, and having a full complement of teeth makes it easy to speak clearly, so socializing becomes fun again.

If you are facing tooth loss in Clarington or are already missing teeth, contact our dental practice to discover more about dental implants and how they can improve your smile and dental health.

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