How to Prepare for Dental Implant Surgery

Once you’ve decided to have dental implants in Ajax, you probably want to get the surgery done as soon as possible so you can begin enjoying your new teeth. However, it’s perfectly natural to feel a little apprehensive about the thought of oral surgery, especially if you are like many people and get nervous before receiving dental treatment. If this sounds familiar, here are some tips to help you prepare for implant surgery and feel comfortable and relaxed during treatment.

Ask Lots of Questions

We love educating patients here at Durham Dental Solutions and always allow plenty of time to chat with people to make sure they understand treatment thoroughly. Therefore, when you speak with our dental implant dentist in Whitby or any member of our dental team, be sure to ask lots of questions. The more knowledgeable you are about your treatment, the more confident you will feel about your choice.

Our highly trained and skilled dental implant dentists have decades of experience between them and can reassure you about your dental implant procedure in Pickering. Dental implants have an extremely high success rate of around 98%, with minimal risk of complications.

Get Prepared for Your Recovery

Knowing you are well prepared for recovery will help you relax more during dental implant surgery in Newcastle. Many people are fine to go back to work the following day, but if it helps, schedule a few days off work. People receiving multiple dental implant teeth will probably need to adjust their diet during recovery, so it’s useful to ensure your fridge and pantry are well-stocked with tasty yet soft foods that you can eat easily and comfortably.

Make sure you know how you will get to and from the dental office, and it’s helpful to have a family member or friend drive you on the day. If you are receiving dental sedation, you will need someone to take you home. We may prescribe painkillers or antibiotics, so make sure you have picked up any prescriptions and had them filled beforehand.

Making these plans will help you mentally prepare for dental implant surgery in Clarington, especially as you will know you need not worry about anything other than taking care of yourself. After completing your surgery, we will give you lots of useful instructions and advice on how to take care of your new implants during healing, but our friendly and caring team is always here to answer more questions, so please feel free to get in touch.

Stay Busy the Day before

The day before your dental implant surgery, plan some fun activities to keep your mind occupied, such as going out for a favourite meal or seeing a movie. However, if we recommend fasting before a procedure, check with us to ensure you get the timing right. Try having a warm, relaxing bath before bed to get a good night’s sleep.

Ask about Dental Sedation If You’re Nervous

If you feel nervous or anxious about the thought of implant surgery, then remember you can always ask us about dental sedation in Brooklin. We offer several solutions ranging from mild sedation to sleep or twilight dentistry, where you will receive sedation intravenously and feel so deeply relaxed that you could even fall asleep during your procedure. Sedation dentistry can also be a great option if you plan to have multiple dental implants or need more complex treatment. You don’t need to feel anxious or nervous about this treatment; remember, it will all seem worthwhile once you see your new smile.


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