Wondering If Teeth in a Day Could Help You? Learn More About This Treatment

Losing all of your natural teeth in Ajax is a situation that can impact your entire life, affecting the way you interact with others, your sense of well-being and self-esteem and self-confidence. Losing teeth makes it tricky to eat and changes facial appearance, and it can even cause problems with your jaw joints, headaches and neck pain.

Full dentures in Whitby remain a popular but far from perfect solution, and many people find dentures awkward and uncomfortable to wear, especially as the years pass by, and their jawbone changes shape, decreasing suction for dentures. Denture adhesives only offer a temporary solution and can be messy to use and expensive, which is where Teeth in a Day could help.

What is Teeth in a Day?

With Teeth in a Day, people previously missing their natural teeth in one or both arches can receive a fixed bridge of teeth soon after dental implant surgery in Pickering. The dental implants hold the bridge firmly in position, which is non-removable. It can only be taken out by a dentist if any professional cleaning or maintenance is needed.

How is Teeth in a Day Different from other Implant Treatments?

Suppose you investigated dental implants to restore a complete arch of teeth previously. In that case, you might have been informed that multiple dental implants were needed, and these would be situated evenly throughout the arch to support the implant teeth. You might also have been told that you needed a bone graft before implant surgery.

Dental implants need to be surrounded with a specific amount of healthy bone with which to fuse. This isn’t always available, particularly when placing implants towards the back of the jaw or when someone lost teeth years ago, as the jawbone naturally resorbs after tooth loss. These facts could have put some people off dental implant surgery due to the costs or the need for bone grafting.

Teeth in a Day is different since between four and six implants are used to support a complete arch of teeth, far fewer than with previous dental implant treatments in Brooklin. Because the implants are situated towards the front of the mouth, where the bone is stronger, the need for bone grafting is greatly reduced. Overall, treatment is more affordable.

Then there is the appeal of having a new set of teeth soon after surgery. With traditional dental implants, the implants were often left to heal for months undisturbed until they were ready to be restored with the implant bridge. Teeth in a Day still enables the implants to heal and fuse with the bone around them, but the initial implant bridge ‘splints’ the implants together during healing, so they cannot move. Once the implants have fully healed, this initial bridge is replaced with your final bridge of teeth that will last for many years with the right care.

What are the Other Advantages of Teeth in a Day?

Durham Dental Solutions carefully designs each full arch bridge so you receive teeth that look and feel natural and comfortable. Having teeth that look great can be a huge boost to self-esteem and self-confidence, especially as these teeth can help rejuvenate your appearance by supporting the muscles in your lips and cheeks, giving you a fuller and more youthful smile. Implant teeth in Courtice provide a far greater biting strength than dentures, so you will be able to eat almost anything you wish. Treatment is a long-term solution for tooth loss, and every implant procedure is carefully planned to provide maximum success and satisfaction.


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