Painful to Chew Food? Discover Your Options for Eating Comfortably

Are you finding it painful to chew food in Ajax? Most of us take good dental health for granted, expecting our teeth and jaws to cope with biting and chewing food until we develop problems. You need a full complement of teeth to chew food thoroughly, and your teeth and jaws will need to be in the proper alignment, so your teeth bite together correctly and comfortably. If you develop problems with your jaw joints or have misaligned teeth, it can create substantial pain and discomfort. Often these problems occur because of tooth loss or where teeth are failing and have become loose, moving them out of the proper bite.

When you face tooth loss or have already lost teeth, it impacts your dental health considerably. Losing even a single tooth affects your jawbone immediately, as, without the stimulation provided by your natural tooth root, it soon begins to resorb. The loss of bone affects the remaining teeth and your gum tissue. The remaining teeth begin to shift out of place, moving towards the empty gap and compromising your bite. Without the support provided by your natural teeth, your cheeks and lips can begin to collapse inwards, especially when you lose multiple teeth in Whitby. It is an effect that can be prematurely ageing. At the same time, the loss of jawbone and natural teeth affects your facial dimensions, which can place undue pressure on your jaw joints. All these factors can contribute to difficulties with eating and chewing food comfortably, but there is a solution.

The good news is that you don’t need to suffer from loose, failing or missing teeth in Pickering. Several options can help you, such as tooth-supported dental bridges and removable dentures, but dental implants are usually our preferred choice. When you visit Durham Dental Solutions for failing teeth, we will almost certainly recommend you consider dental implants because of the considerable benefits they provide.

Why Choose Dental Implants?

Dental implants in Oshawa are the only solution that replaces the entire tooth, using a tiny post surgically inserted into the jawbone to replicate a real tooth root. The implant post stimulates the bone surrounding it in much the same way as a real tooth root, preventing jawbone loss while providing a strong, stable anchorage point for your new implant tooth.

In addition to preventing bone deterioration, dental implant teeth in Clarington allow you to eat a wider range of foods in complete comfort. Dental implant crowns and bridges provide a similar level of biting strength compared with natural teeth.

When you have implant teeth, it’s virtually impossible to tell they are not originally your own, especially when replacing single teeth in Newcastle. Imagine looking in the mirror and seeing that unsightly gap filled by a beautiful new implant tooth that emerges from your gum just like a real tooth.

You will enjoy increased self-confidence and self-esteem because you will know your dental implant teeth look good and that you can speak clearly. Dental implants are also versatile as you can choose fixed and removable options.

For example, anyone missing just one or two teeth or several teeth in the same area can opt for dental implant crowns or bridges. The implant crowns and bridges are screwed or cemented firmly in place and are nonremovable. People missing an entire arch of teeth can opt for an implant-supported denture. Instead of the denture rubbing uncomfortably and moving around, dental implants hold it firmly in place. The implant denture clips onto the implants but is easily removed for cleaning.

Dental implant teeth can last for years or even for life with the proper care. If you are starting to dread mealtimes or feel less than confident about your teeth, ask us about implant solutions to suit you.

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