Smile Design- See Your New Implant Smile Before Beginning Treatment

Most people think long and hard before deciding to have dental implant treatment in Ajax, especially when they need multiple teeth. While there are important factors to consider, like the cost, the length of treatment, and the surgery required, people are often concerned about how they will look once they receive their new dental implants. It’s perfectly understandable, as even though our implant dentists at Durham Dental Solutions have decades of experience and advanced training between them and know they will provide excellent results, it’s difficult sometimes to communicate this to patients.

This is when smile design in Whitby can help, allowing you to see the results of your new implant treatment before you even begin.

What is Smile Design? How Can It Benefit Me?

When you visit Durham Dental Solutions, the dental team can take a digital scan of your teeth using a tiny intraoral scanner. The intraoral scanner replaces the need for a traditional messy impression and takes a highly accurate digital impression of your teeth. The scan results are combined with digital photographs of your face to create a virtual representation showing how your new teeth will look. The process uses specialized smile design technology and is extremely quick, so you may even be able to see these virtual images during your first visit on the large screens in our dental office.

The benefits of this technology are considerable because you will be able to see the predicted shape and size of your teeth and the colour. It’s an excellent way for you to become far more involved with your dental implant treatment in Pickering and give your immediate input on the predicted results. For example, perhaps you don’t like the suggested size of the teeth or the shape? No problem, as these can all be digitally corrected until you are entirely happy with the predicted treatment plan. We will work with you to make sure you get the teeth you desire, as, after all, it is your smile, and we want it to be uniquely yours.

Try Before You Buy

Another excellent facet of this treatment is that our dentist can create a mockup of your new teeth in Oshawa, bringing your virtual treatment plan into reality. You will be able to try this mockup in your mouth to gain an even better impression of how your new teeth will look, feel and function. We can make any further changes needed at this stage, creating teeth that feel comfortable and natural and bringing the smile design we have created together to life. It’s a wonderful way to ensure you are satisfied with the treatment plan and eliminates the worry of wondering how you will look once you receive your new teeth. Instead, you can concentrate on the overall process and hopefully enjoy seeing your new smile emerge.

Excellent for Single Dental Implants and Full Arch Restorations

We can use smile design in Clarington for everything from single dental implants to full-mouth restoration, creating virtual representations of natural-looking, beautiful and healthy teeth that will give you complete confidence in your treatment choice.

When you visit our dental practice, you can always be sure of benefiting from the best and latest technologies. We pride ourselves on staying up-to-date with the most recent developments in dental technology, and our entire dental team is committed to ongoing dental education, ensuring patients always receive the most advanced and appropriate dental care in Courtice. Our well-equipped dental office has everything needed to carry out your dental implant treatment in Bowmanville from start to finish, so you will always be treated by a dental team you already know and trust.

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