Dental Implants: Why Proper Treatment Planning is Essential

Many people worldwide have already benefited from dental implants, and the treatment is life-changing for some. Dental implants in Whitby can improve your quality of life, restoring your ability to smile naturally and providing you with teeth that look and function just like real teeth. Dental implants are the only form of tooth replacement that protects remaining natural teeth and your jawbone, and both these factors are important for good dental health.

While dental implants in Oshawa can look and feel fabulous, it is a sophisticated process. A great deal of experience and skill is needed to properly plan and place dental implants. If dental implants aren’t situated optimally, they can cause problems. As a result, the outcome may be disappointing and can become a compromise between function and aesthetics.

Ideally, dental implant treatment should be planned and placed using computer guided surgery in Clarington.

Why Is It Important to Choose Computer Guided Dental Implant Surgery?

Using computer guided surgery provides some significant benefits, ensuring your implants are precision planned and placed, eliminating the need for guesswork and providing predictable and reliable results. Guided surgery helps reduce the risk of complications, and we much prefer it for our patients because it helps minimize discomfort and swelling during healing. This technique helps speed up treatment, giving a faster outcome with implant teeth that function optimally, improving health and well-being.

How Is Dental Implant Treatment Planned?

Initially, when you first visit Durham Dental Solutions, our experienced dental implant dentist can discuss your goals for treatment and gently examine your mouth. We use this information to devise a suitable treatment plan that includes digital x-rays and a cone beam CT scan in Bowmanville. At the same time, we digitally scan your mouth to take a digital dental impression, and the scan is merged with your 3-D scan, providing us with the data we need to plan treatment precisely.

These diagnostic tests are essential, especially the CT scan that provides 3-D images of your jaws. As we plan your treatment, we also design your final restoration, whether a crown, bridge or denture, ensuring that the restoration will function optimally and look great once fabricated and fitted.

Once your dental implant treatment in Courtice is planned, we create a 3-D printed surgical guide that fits into your mouth during surgery and guides our dentist, ensuring each implant is optimally positioned as identified in your digital treatment plan. Using a surgical guide allows us to replicate the treatment plan exactly while ensuring surgery is minimally invasive. Once the implants are in place, we can often attach temporary teeth to the implants on the same day. This is particularly the case for treatments such as Teeth in a Day, where an entire arch of natural teeth is replaced with implant teeth. It is possible because the teeth are designed to splint the implants together, a sophisticated technique that ensures the implants will not move during healing. At the same time, patients benefit from having their smile restored on the same day.

Durham Dental Solutions is a practice dedicated to dental implant surgery. We have all the equipment needed to precision plan and complete even the most complex dental implant surgeries in our office, and you will be treated by a team with decades of experience between them. Our dentists have extensive advanced training in dental implantology, allowing them to incorporate the latest technologies to provide an enhanced patient experience. In addition to having a Cone Beam CT scanner on-site, our dentists can use plasma rich growth factors, a technique that uses your own blood to create a matrix that, when placed over the surgery site, aids quicker healing and better results, so you can be sure your smile is in safe hands.

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