Advantages of Choosing a Dental Implant Oriented Practice

Anyone who has lost teeth or has failing teeth in Ajax will know it can be a miserable business. Luckily, dental implants are frequently a great option for restoring missing teeth, providing a long-term, durable solution.

Dental implant teeth are strong, and when well-planned and placed, restore teeth in the most natural way possible, providing you with a beautiful, fully functional smile. Nowadays, many family dentists in Whitby offer dental implants, but there are several clear advantages in choosing a dental practice that focuses purely on dental implants and treatments frequently required with implants such as bone grafting.

Passionate about Dental Implantology

Durham Dental Solutions concentrates purely on providing dental implants to restore missing teeth in Pickering, ensuring patients receive the best and most appropriate treatments available. Our dentists are highly experienced in planning and placing dental implants and teach other dentists at the Toronto Implant Academy. They are passionate about dental Implantology, and nothing gives them greater pleasure than seeing the positive impact of dental implant treatment.

All the Facilities Needed under the Same Roof

Because our practice is oriented solely towards this treatment, we have all the technologies needed under one roof. No matter whether you need a single dental implant or a full-mouth restoration, you won’t need to travel to other dental practices and instead will get to know a team you can trust from your very first appointment through to completion. Being treated by the same team is reassuring and less stressful.

Using the Latest Technologies

Utilizing the latest technologies allows our dentists to provide patients with dental implants in Oshawa that are precision planned and placed, ultimately giving better results more smoothly and comfortably. One of our most important pieces of equipment is our Cone beam CT scanner, which is essential for any dental implant treatment.

Our Newcastle cone beam CT scanner takes a digital 3-D x-ray of your jaws, providing a great deal of useful information. The information includes the location of nerves that need to be avoided during surgery, the position of tooth roots, and the amount of bone available for implant surgery. The scan is used to plan your dental implant surgery precisely, so our dental implant dentist can make the best use of the bone where it is thicker and stronger while still ensuring your dental implants can be restored properly.

Once the treatment plan is complete, it’s used to create a dental implant guide used during your implant surgery. The guide is a sophisticated template that allows the implant plan to be replicated exactly. In addition to ensuring your treatment is more precise, all this preplanning makes sure the surgery is quicker, as minimally invasive as possible, and that healing is faster.

Another advanced technique that helps your body heal after surgery is plasma-rich growth factors in Courtice. The technique uses your blood and plasma, extracting growth factors and creating a material that can be placed over the surgery site. It enables your body to heal more quickly, usually with better results.

Often, dental implant surgery in Clarington requires other treatments such as extracting failing teeth or bone grafting. PIEZOSURGERY is a very gentle technology using ultrasonic vibrations to cut bone without harming soft tissues like your gum.

One of the most exciting parts of dental implant treatment in Oshawa is receiving your new teeth. This part of the treatment requires a dental impression of your mouth, but instead of using messy and uncomfortable mouth trays, we take digital dental impressions using a small, comfortable scanner. It’s a great piece of technology for anyone with a strong gag reflex and provides far more precise impressions.

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