Reasons For Replacing Missing Teeth With Implants

If you have failing teeth, you may be wondering if it’s worth having them replaced, especially if they aren’t immediately visible when you smile. However, the impact of missing teeth can be considerable, and listed below are some of the reasons why it’s worth replacing missing teeth with dental implants in Whitby.

Protecting Adjacent Teeth

When you lose a tooth, it affects the adjacent teeth, allowing them to shift position, tilting towards the space. Once the tooth moves, it can become less stable, and it is hard to get it back into the right position. Dental implants in Ajax prevent unwanted tooth movements, ensuring adjacent teeth remain exactly where they are in the mouth.

Protecting Your Bite

The teeth opposing the space left behind by missing teeth in Pickering will also shift position. Without a tooth to bite against, they can start drifting out of place and over-erupting, which can cause a whole host of problems. As teeth over-erupt, it can expose the tooth roots, increasing the risk of them becoming decayed and more sensitive. An over erupted tooth can also be tricky to get back into place, which could cause problems if you decide to replace the tooth later. This is why it’s best to restore missing teeth in Oshawa as soon as possible, and dental implant teeth help prevent over-eruption.

Preventing Teeth from Wearing Irregularly

When you have a good bite or balanced occlusion, all your teeth will meet together evenly, sharing the stress created when you bite and chew food. If your bite changes, some teeth will bite together before others, and these can become excessively worn. There is a risk these teeth may become cracked or chipped or can feel more sensitive due to worn tooth enamel in Clarington. Dental implants ensure your teeth remain in exactly the right positions, protecting your bite and making sure your teeth wear evenly.

Preventing Jaw Joint Pain

Your lower jaw is hinged on either side by joints called temporomandibular joints. When your teeth bite together properly, and you have a balanced bite, it helps protect these joints, but if you lose teeth, so your remaining teeth shift out of position, it can cause an irregular bite which in turn can affect your temporomandibular joints, placing them under additional pressure.

The extra pressure can cause these temporomandibular joints and the muscles and ligaments around them to become inflamed and painful, causing a problem called temporomandibular joint disorder or TMD. The pain caused by TMD can spread to your ears and can even cause painful headaches, or the discomfort can spread into your neck and shoulders.

Restoring teeth with dental implants in Newcastle protects your jaw joints, ensuring you have a healthy bite.

Enjoy a Good Diet

Anyone missing multiple teeth or who currently wears dentures will know it is difficult to chew food properly. You need healthy, strong teeth to help grind up food, beginning the digestion process so the nutrients can be absorbed properly by your body. When people lose teeth, they will often change their diet, including softer foods that require minimal chewing but may lead to which may not meet all their dietary requirements. Alternatively, some will continue to eat the same foods as before but may notice they develop digestive problems or experience weight loss because their body cannot absorb these foods properly.

Choosing dental implants in Oshawa can greatly improve biting strength and digestion. Dental implant crowns and bridges have a similar biting strength to real teeth, while an implant-supported denture will significantly increase the type of food that can be enjoyed. Eating nutritious foods is also essential for protecting overall health.

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