Using Dental Technology for a More Comfortable and Successful Implant Surgery

Over the past few years, dental technology has become increasingly sophisticated, especially when it comes to dental implants in Ajax. Dental implants are an advanced treatment to restore missing teeth and can provide excellent treatment outcomes. However, extensive skill and experience are needed to accurately plan and place dental implants using the most up-to-date techniques.

Durham Dental Solutions has invested extensively in the latest dental technologies in Whitby to ensure our patients receive excellent results more comfortably. One of our most essential pieces of equipment is our cone-beam CT scanner.

Cone Beam CT Scanner

When you initially visit us to inquire about dental implants in Pickering, we will need to closely assess the quality and quantity of your jawbone. The best way to do this is with a cone beam CT scan, which provides 3-D images of your jaws and other vital structures, like nerves, blood vessels, and the position of existing teeth.

The information it provides is invaluable for accurately planning implant surgery and determining if you need other treatments, such as bone grafting, to build up any missing bone. The images decide where best to place each dental implant in Oshawa, ensuring we make maximum use of available bone and that the implant will function optimally and look and feel good.

Once we have planned your implant surgery in Brooklin, we create a surgical stent using these images. The stent replicates the treatment plan accurately during implant placement.

Plasma Rich Growth Factors

Sound healing is an essential part of successful implant treatment in Newcastle. Once the implant is placed, the tissues around it must heal quickly, allowing it to become firmly fused. Using plasma-rich growth factors in Courtice extracted from your blood and plasma helps aid faster and better healing. When placed over the surgery site, they help provide optimal results.

Digital Dental Impressions

Does the idea of having a conventional tray impression make you tense and apprehensive? There is no need to worry as technology has moved on somewhat. There is no need to sit there for several minutes with a goopy impression in your mouth, which will significantly relieve anyone with a strong gag reflex. Instead of tray impressions, we use a digital dental impression system, where your mouth is scanned using a tiny digital camera, creating a highly detailed 3-D dental impression. Because a digital dental impression in Oshawa is much more accurate, it ensures we can provide precision-fitted restorations.

Digital Smile Design

Dental implant teeth can look and feel fabulous, but understandably, many people want to know what their new teeth will look like to help put their minds at rest. Digital smile design in Clarington is a technology that allows us to use X-rays and photos to create digital images showing how your teeth will look after your implants are restored. It’s a great way to ensure you feel confident in your treatment, and of course, you can become involved in designing your new teeth, ensuring you feel happy with the outcome even before your treatment begins.

In-Office Crown Milling

Usually, dental crowns need to be made in a dental lab, which can take several weeks and require more than one appointment. Our in-office crown milling machine can design and fabricate your crown in one comfortable appointment. These precision-made restorations are made from strong, beautiful ceramic material and are entirely metal-free.

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