Dental Implant Dentures Versus Ordinary Dentures

When you need to replace a complete arch of teeth, there are two options available: to have ordinary dentures or dental implant dentures in Ajax. Choosing the right solution for your needs can depend on your personal preference, costs, and the health of your jawbone. Each solution has its pros and cons, so it’s important to discuss ordinary dentures and dental implant dentures in detail with your dentist.

Reasons for Replacing Missing Teeth

Both dentures and dental implants in Whitby serve a similar purpose in that they help you chew food properly, provide support for your facial muscles, and allow you to speak clearly. Replacing your teeth also helps to improve self-confidence and self-esteem by ensuring you have an attractive smile.

The Differences between Dental Implant Dentures and Ordinary Dentures

There are some significant differences between the two treatments, outlined below.

Dental Implant Dentures

Dental implants are small screw-like posts surgically inserted into the jawbone. Once in the bone, the implant soon fuses in place, creating a strong anchorage point that can be used to support a new dental restoration like an implant denture. The implant denture has special attachments on its fitting surface, and these clip onto the dental implants allowing you to snap the denture firmly in place while still ensuring it is easy to remove for cleaning. Because the denture is held securely in place, it cannot move during eating or talking. It provides greater biting strength than an ordinary denture, so a larger range of foods can be eaten comfortably.

Dental implant dentures do require a short surgical procedure to place the implants, and this can deter some people from discovering more about implant treatment in Brooklin, but sedation dentistry ensures treatment is smooth, comfortable and anxiety-free. Another potential problem is the condition of your jawbone. If you lost teeth quite some time ago or due to gum disease, it’s possible your jawbone has deteriorated, and there may not be enough healthy bone to place the dental implants. However, this might not be a problem as some implant treatments, such as All-on-4, place the implants towards the front of the mouth where the bone is naturally thicker and stronger. Otherwise, bone grafting can always restore the missing bone, although it may increase the time needed for treatment.

Ordinary Dentures

Ordinary dentures are removable prostheses that rest directly on the gums, gaining support and retention from the gum and the bone underneath. Treatment to make an ordinary denture in Oshawa is non-invasive and relatively quick. A terrific range of denture teeth is available that can be arranged to look and feel as natural as possible.

However, while some people find dentures a suitable treatment, others begin to struggle to wear them after a few years. This is due to changes in the jawbone shape as the bone resorbs after tooth loss. The jawbone loss affects the retention and stability of the denture, so it gradually becomes ill-fitting. Relining the denture can help it to fit a bit more securely, as can using denture adhesives, but these are temporary solutions that don’t address the underlying problem. Loose dentures can rub uncomfortably and make eating a wide range of foods tricky. Consequently, some people will feel embarrassed when eating and talking with others because their teeth start to move around and avoid social situations altogether.

Dental implant dentures in Newcastle cost a bit more than ordinary dentures, but they can provide some important benefits. Because treatments like All-on-Four require relatively few dental implants, they can be a more affordable solution.

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