Securing Dentures with Implants

Nobody chooses to lose teeth in Ajax, but sometimes circumstances beyond your control can mean losing one or several teeth or a complete arch of teeth. Trying to live with missing teeth is not something we’d recommend, and it is important to replace them as soon as you can. One tried and tested option is to have dentures.

The Drawbacks of Conventional Dentures

Dentures have been around for centuries. Although modern dentures are very different and much more lifelike and comfortable to wear, they still work in a similar way in that they sit on the gums, getting support from the ridge of bone that originally supported your teeth. Just like dentures used years ago, they are not without problems.

One major drawback is retention, as continued jawbone loss after natural teeth are removed in Whitby significantly reduces the retentiveness of a denture, so it gradually starts to fit less securely and move around. The movement can be uncomfortable at best or will create sore spots. Additionally, an unstable denture makes it difficult to eat comfortably, and there is the fear that others will notice your teeth are moving.

While you could have the denture relined or use denture adhesive to hold it in place, these are only temporary solutions. Securing dentures with implants in Pickering is a more permanent long-term option.

Why Use Dental Implants To Hold a Denture in Place?

A dental implant is a small screw or post inserted surgically into your jawbone, where it soon bonds or fuses with the bone and forms a secure anchorage point. We can use dental implants to secure loose and uncomfortable dentures in Brooklin. Sometimes as few as two or four dental implants are needed, so treatment is affordable.

The denture is still removable, so you can easily snap it in and out for cleaning and general maintenance, but once it is clipped onto the implants in Oshawa, it is held firmly in place. Also, it will give greater biting strength, so your choice of foods can increase.

Because the denture no longer rests directly on the gums, it is comfortable to wear. Another advantage is the protective effect on your jawbone. The implants stimulate the bone around them similarly to natural tooth roots, helping to prevent further jawbone loss.

When designing implant-supported dentures in Newcastle, we always take enormous care, using only the highest quality denture teeth and a gum-coloured acrylic base material to create a lifelike appearance.

What About Non-Removable Implant Teeth?

Many people find a removable implant denture in Bowmanville is a great option because it is affordable and the removable denture is easy to care for, but for some, their ideal treatment is to have teeth that remain firmly fixed all the time. Our implant dentists at Durham Dental Solutions can discuss non-removable implant teeth if this applies to you.

An implant bridge can replace multiple teeth, including complete arches and is firmly fixed on the implants. The implant bridge in Clarington can only be removed by a dentist when general maintenance or cleaning is needed. It provides a biting strength similar to real teeth and can look wonderful. However, treatment costs more because a greater number of dental implants are needed for support.

A bone graft might be necessary as the implants are situated slightly differently throughout the jawbone.  In contrast, the implants for a denture are often placed towards the front of the jaw, where the bone is naturally stronger and thicker. Additionally, the materials used to make the bridge tend to be more expensive. You will still need to clean around the bridge and dental implants very carefully to prevent infection, and some people might find this a bit harder to do, but it still might be a treatment you wish to explore.

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