Why Replace Missing Teeth – How Dental Implants Can Help

Missing teeth can be a serious problem. In addition to creating an unsightly gap in your mouth, it can harm your oral health in Ajax. Some of the ways missing teeth can impact your oral health include:

Affecting Your Bite

You need a full set of teeth to ensure each remains in its proper position. When you lose teeth, your teeth can shift out of place, not only creating more unsightly gaps between your teeth but affecting your bite. Teeth adjacent to the gap will drift towards the space, as will teeth in the opposing arch.


When you lose multiple teeth in Pickering, your facial features can appear sunken in so you look older than your age. This is because your teeth support your facial muscles in your cheeks and lips and ensure the proper facial dimensions are maintained.

Jawbone Deterioration

Your natural tooth roots help ensure your jawbone remains strong and healthy by providing essential stimulation to the bone around them as you bite and chew food. However, after natural teeth are removed and without this stimulus, your jawbone soon begins to deteriorate, affecting your remaining teeth and your appearance. In addition, if you wear dentures in Whitby, they become harder to wear comfortably as the ridge of bone that supports the denture is becomes flatter and narrower.

Jaw Joint Issues

When missing teeth affect your facial dimensions, it can place unwanted pressure on your jaw joints and muscles. The problem could lead to temporomandibular joint disorder, where the jaw joints and muscles become inflamed and painful.


When you have strong and healthy teeth, you take it for granted that you can eat anything you want comfortably. It’s a different story when your teeth are failing or missing, and you have to stop thinking about choosing foods that are easier to chew or require minimal chewing. Limiting your diet can quickly become boring but may also mean that you choose foods lacking in essential nutrients, which can affect your overall health. Without good nutrition in Oshawa, it’s harder to fight infection and disease.

How Dental Implants Can Help

Dental implants in Newcastle are frequently regarded as the gold standard for replacing missing teeth, whether you are missing a single tooth or multiple teeth or need to restore a complete arch. Consisting of a small post or screw, dental implants are implanted surgically into the jawbone during a short procedure. Once in place, the implant quickly fuses with the bone around it in just a matter of months. After healing is complete, the implant is easily strong enough to support a new implant crown. Our dentist in Clarington can place multiple implants to support a bridge of teeth or hold a denture firmly in place.

Treatment is suitable for just about anyone, provided you have good dental and medical health. We carefully assess everyone visiting Durham Dental Solutions for suitability, which is partly why implants have such a high success rate, typically 95% or more. Nervous patients needn’t worry, as we can always discuss the option of sedation dentistry in Pickering, a solution that ensures you feel relaxed and comfortable during treatment.

When you have implant teeth, your appearance is restored, and your existing teeth are protected and prevented from moving out of place. Restoring the proper facial dimensions protects your jaw joints, and you will find it easy to eat just about anything you want. Dental implant crowns and bridges provide a similar biting strength to real teeth. An implant-supported denture in Courtice provides a far greater biting strength compared with an ordinary denture and cannot slip or move out of place.

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