Full Mouth Dental Implants – Restoring Your Smile in a Day

Complete tooth loss is very common, but that doesn’t make it any less upsetting. When teeth are failing, it is tricky to eat the foods you used to love, let alone smile or talk with others without feeling embarrassed. The impact on day-to-day life can be considerable, but there is a modern and long-lasting solution for tooth loss in Ajax: full arch or full mouth dental implants instead of a traditional denture that rests directly on the gums.

What Are the Benefits of Choosing Full Arch Dental Implants?

Treatment can completely rejuvenate your smile, so you can enjoy life without worrying that your teeth let down your appearance. When you lose multiple teeth, your mouth begins collapsing inwards, reducing the height between your upper and lower jaw, a prematurely ageing effect. Dental implants restore this height, providing the right support for your facial muscles and creating a potentially more youthful appearance. At the same time, dental implants help protect the jawbone, preventing further bone loss that naturally occurs after teeth are removed.

There are other significant benefits in choosing dental implants to restore missing teeth in Pickering, not least the positive impact on general health. With full arch dental implants in Whitby, you will find your ability to eat comfortably is restored, so all those favourite foods are back on the menu once again. When you can eat properly, you can choose nutritious foods that help provide the energy needed to live life fully and for your body to fight infection and disease more successfully.

A full arch dental implant restoration in Brooklin can successfully restore up to 10 or even 12 teeth. We take tremendous care at Durham Dental Solutions when designing implant teeth, especially a full arch restoration, ensuring it looks and feels as natural as possible, restoring good biting strength and functionality.

Choose Between a Fixed or Removable Implant Prosthesis

There are two possible options for restoring a complete arch of teeth with dental implants in Oshawa. The first is to have a fixed bridge of teeth, and it’s often possible to restore the dental implants on the same day of dental implant surgery in Newcastle. After surgery, a temporary bridge is fitted onto the dental implants, so there is no need to worry you will be left without teeth. The temporary bridge remains in place until the implants have fused with the bone around them, a process called osseointegration, and the bone has completely healed. A fixed implant bridge provides a similar biting strength to natural teeth.

After healing, the temporary bridge is removed, and a permanent bridge is screwed or cemented on the implants. Usually, a dental implant bridge is screwed in place, and the screws are covered with tooth-coloured composite resin. It is an approach that ensures the bridge is easy to retrieve for cleaning and general maintenance when needed.

The second option is an implant retained denture in Bowmanville, which can be easily removed so you can clean around the implants thoroughly and clean the denture properly. The implant denture clips securely onto the dental implants, so it cannot move and provides a far superior biting strength than an ordinary denture.

One major difference between these two dental implant treatments in Courtice is the number of implants needed. Whereas a fixed bridge needs between four and six dental implants, an implant-supported denture only needs two or four dental implants, significantly reducing the costs. Also, there is less chance of needing a dental bone graft in Clarington because the implants are situated towards the front of the mouth, where the bone is naturally stronger and thicker. Both can be a great choice, but you’ll learn much more about each option during your initial dental implant consultation.

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