Are Dental Implants Worth the Cost?

Many Canadians are missing teeth or have teeth that are failing, and while there are several ways to replace them, dental implants in Ajax are often the preferred solution. However, they are not the cheapest option, so if you need to replace missing teeth, you might wonder if they are worth the money and if they are a good investment in your appearance and oral health.

Ultimately, it’s your choice whether or not you will have dental implants in Whitby, but there are several good reasons you should consider this treatment.

Protecting Your Dental Health

Most people want to replace missing teeth in Pickering because they are worried about having a gap in their smile or find it tricky to eat comfortably. However, they fail to realize the impact even a single missing tooth can have on their dental health. When you lose a tooth, the bone that used to surround the tooth root soon begins to resorb, which can destabilize adjacent teeth. When you lose multiple teeth, this bone loss can affect facial dimensions, so there is less support for the muscles in your cheeks and lips. Also, when a tooth is missing, the teeth adjacent to the gap will shift position, creating problems with your bite.

Dental implants in Oshawa help prevent these problems, protecting your jawbone and preventing remaining teeth from moving out of position. They also provide the proper support for your facial muscles, so facial dimensions are maintained, which in turn helps prevent any unwanted stress on your jaw joints.

Teeth That Feel Natural and Strong

Because dental implants are anchored firmly in the jaw, they look and feel just like real teeth, especially if you have a fixed implant crown in Newcastle or a fixed implant bridge. These restorations provide a biting strength similar to real teeth. If you opt for a removable implant-supported denture, the biting strength will be far better compared with an ordinary denture, plus the implant denture will not move around uncomfortably. When your teeth are firmly fixed, this avoids awkward moments where loose dentures can make it difficult to talk and eat comfortably and confidently.

Dental Implants Can Last for Years

With the proper care, dental implants in Newcastle can last for years or possibly for life. Because they are a long-term solution, this makes them extremely cost-effective in the longer term. Dental implants are not tricky to look after, but you need to clean them thoroughly, as shown by our dental team here at Durham Dental Solutions. It’s also important to make sure you have regular checkups and dental cleanings. During your dental cleaning, hygienists can use specialised tools to clean around the implants thoroughly, helping them remain strong, healthy, and infection-free.

Factors That Affect the Cost of Your Implant Treatment

When you first investigate dental implants in Courtice, you might find it hard to discover the exact cost of treatment as it can be affected by several different factors. It all depends on how many teeth need to be replaced and whether you have any failing teeth to remove. Your choice of restoration affects the cost, especially as they are made from different materials. The cost also depends on your current dental health, as many people lose teeth because of gum disease. This bacterial infection must be treated before dental implant treatment can proceed successfully. Finally, advanced gum disease can destroy the jawbone, so needing a bone graft before dental implant surgery is not unusual. You’ll gain a far better idea as to the costs involved during your initial consultation.

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