How to Eat More Comfortably When Teeth are Failing or Missing

Many of us take the ability to eat comfortably for granted only to discover that eating is uncomfortable at best and even painful one day. When you have difficulty chewing food in Ajax, it is harder to enjoy life, especially when many social occasions revolve around mealtimes.

Certain foods you used to love are no longer enjoyable when you cannot chew them properly. Likewise, when you cannot chew food thoroughly, it can impact digestion. This is because digestion begins in the mouth, and the action of chewing helps promote saliva production. A healthy saliva flow is essential because it helps to wash away excess bacteria and loose food particles in the mouth.

The Impact of Failing or Missing Teeth Dental Health

Even if you only have a single failing tooth in Whitby, it can affect your oral health. Your teeth are designed to work together, helping you to maintain healthy facial muscles and jaw joints. A failing or missing tooth can affect facial aesthetics, and the jawbone and gum tissue quickly begin to change shape. These changes can affect the remaining teeth, allowing them to shift out of position and become less stable, so they may not bite together correctly. When multiple teeth are missing, it can cause dramatic changes to facial appearance. Without the support of teeth, the facial muscles collapse inwards, and there is a loss of height between the upper and lower jaw.

Solutions for Missing Teeth

The ability to eat comfortably in Pickering is such a basic requirement, so if your teeth are failing or missing entirely, it’s important to take steps to replace them. While one option is to use dentures or, when natural teeth are strong enough, a tooth-supported bridge, an increasingly popular solution is dental implants in Oshawa.

Why Choose Dental Implants?

There are several important benefits in choosing dental implants in Newcastle. They provide natural-looking tooth restorations that feel comfortable and provide excellent functionality. Dental implants are a long-term solution and can last for years or even for life if you care for them properly. With dental implants, your biting strength considerably increases, so it’s easy to eat almost anything you want without fear of your teeth crumbling away or feeling pain.

Durham Dental Solutions carefully designs all dental implant teeth to look great and provide the proper support for your facial muscles, restoring facial dimensions. A well-designed dental implant tooth can look extremely aesthetically pleasing and is difficult to tell from a natural tooth and can look even better than the tooth it replaced. One important reason for choosing dental implant teeth is that they help preserve your jawbone, preventing bone loss by stimulating the bone around the implants, ensuring it stays strong and healthy. However, most people choose implants to improve self-confidence, providing teeth that never move around uncomfortably, so it’s easy and pleasurable to socialize with others.

Discovering More about Dental Implants

Dental implants are a wonderful innovation, and our implant dentists in Clarington have decades of experience between them and can provide you with the best treatment outcome. When you come to see us, we can assess your dental health, review your medical history and determine if implant treatment is suitable, and if so, which procedure will suit you best. We can explain all possible options clearly and discuss what is involved with treatment. Sometimes it is even possible to remove a failing tooth and replace it with a dental implant in Courtice immediately, but otherwise, we can always provide temporary teeth to keep you smiling throughout treatment.

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