Making Sure You Receive Dental Implants More Comfortably

Dental implants are a wonderful way to replace missing teeth, but treatment does require a short oral surgical procedure. Unfortunately, some people may not pursue implant treatment in Ajax any further once they learn surgery is needed because they are concerned that the procedure might be painful or unpleasant or have dental anxiety or fears.

However, dental implant treatment has now been widely used for decades. The techniques used to plan and place dental implants are highly refined and sophisticated, ensuring that treatment is more comfortable and successful than ever before.

Making Sure Your Implant Treatment Is in Good Hands

Certainly, here at Durham Dental Solutions, we only use the best implant components combined with the latest techniques and surgical skills. Our dental implant dentists in Whitby have decades of experience between them, including additional advanced training in implant placement. The implant dentists also have advanced training in other techniques needed for implant surgery, such as bone grafting, bone regeneration, and tissue regeneration using Platelet Rich Fibrin.

Computer Guided Surgery

Image-guided or computer-guided surgery in Pickering is another way we ensure treatment is more comfortable. Before planning implant treatment, we take a cone beam CT scan, a quick and non-invasive diagnostic test that provides us with clear and detailed 3-D images of your jaws and any existing teeth. The images are invaluable when planning exactly where to place each dental implant and allow us to evaluate the bone available for implant placement. The images also show the position of other structures that must be avoided, including nerves.

Planning your implant treatment in Oshawa ensures that incisions are kept as small as possible and that placing the implants is quicker, smoother and more comfortable. Once the treatment plan is complete, we create a stent, a sophisticated template used during your surgery. The stent ensures we accurately replicate the treatment plan, making sure each implant is placed at the correct depth and angulation identified for optimal treatment results. All the planning is completed behind the scenes, so your appointments are relatively short.

Ensuring Implant Treatment Is Comfortable

When placing dental implants, we use local anaesthetic to make sure the area is completely numb. Single dental implants are especially quick to place, particularly because we use image-guided surgery. However, when local anesthesia isn’t quite enough, we can provide sedation dentistry that is carefully tailored to ensure you feel comfortable and relaxed during the entire procedure. It’s a technique that can be very useful for anyone with dental anxiety or fears, who fears needles or has a low pain threshold. There are various sedation options available, including light sedation in the form of laughing gas or Nitrous oxide or more moderate sedation, an oral sedative taken as a pill. Sometimes we combine both of these treatments to provide a more comfortable experience.

Anyone requiring lengthier or more complicated implant treatment may want to consider intravenous dental sedation in Newcastle. This is a deeper form of sedation, also called sleep dentistry or twilight dentistry, because you feel so relaxed you may fall asleep. The sedative contains an amnesiac, so afterwards, you may remember very little or nothing about the actual procedure, but we can still awaken you if needed during your treatment. We monitor all our patients very carefully during sedation dentistry, making sure we keep them safe.

After the anesthetic wears off, you may experience some discomfort that is usually easily controlled with over-the-counter painkillers like ibuprofen which can also help reduce any swelling. However, people are often pleasantly surprised to find there is little or no discomfort, especially if you only need a single dental implant in Clarington.

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